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World Poker Tour South Africa Main Event Day 3 – Nitsche Dominating!

World Poker Tour South Africa Main Event Day 3 – Nitsche Dominating!

Poker is one of those games that usually separates each player by small margins, yet every now and again there comes a player who just completely dominates a tournament from start to finish. The margins are huge and the player does not just play well but runs well too.

This has happened here as Dominik Nitsche has completely dominated the World Poker Tour South Africa so far, having been at the top of the leader board for most of the event he is now the chip leader going into the final table with 2,915,000 in chips, his next challenger has only 1,285,000.

It would be an insult to just call it luck too, he has played some of the best poker we have seen from him in some time but of course there have been a few instances of luck thrown in too.

As The Day Started!

The day began with the remaining 27 players heading back to the felt to play down to the final table of six, and it didn’t take long for the players to get back into the swing of things.

We saw three eliminations fairly quickly as the bubble had been popped the day before, with Jason Strauss taking out Feng Guang, Nitsche adding another notch to his belt with the elimination of Gideon Scheepers whilst Muaaz Gani taking out Marco Benevale.

Nitsche really to take control at this point as won some big pots from Price to head back to the top of the leaderboard. We then saw the eliminations of a selection of players such as Ryan Dreyer, Warren Zackey, Ayaz Manji and Menesh Kanev.

As we reached level 22 it really started to turn into the Dominik Nitsche show as he eliminated no less than 6 players in a row, this gave him his massive chip lead and we were just one elimination away from the final six.

The player to be the bubble for the final table was Sunil Devachander who ran his suited A-T into an unsuited A-Q of William Ross. He didn’t get any luck from the community cards and he was sent to the rail in an impressive 7th place.

That was in fact Devachander’s first ever tournament, so to finish in seventh place on your debut is something to be remembered, though a final table appearance would have been so much better.

The Final Table:

Dominik Nitsche – 2,915,000

William Ross – 1,285,000

Jason Strauss – 1,270,000

Jerome Bradpiece – 930,000

Wesley Weigand – 455,000

Andrew Anthony – 365,000

The final table starts up tomorrow, in which we will be bringing you a report on just what occurs on it.


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