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Would It Be Right To Bar Lederer From Poker Tables?

Would It Be Right To Bar Lederer From Poker Tables?

During the week there were rumours which were later verified as fact that Howard Lederer had been playing high stakes poker in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio, he was playing a $400/$800 mixed game with a select few of his poker buddies.

However, as soon as this became public knowledge the whole poker scene started voicing their opinions through use of practically every social networking network available. From Twitter to Facebook and everything in between the anger was buzzing.

Some were arguing amongst themselves on issues such as how can he show his face in a poker room again, how he can afford to play high stakes after claiming he was now poor, with some even suggesting that he should be banned from playing poker for good.

Should He? Could He?

Well as much as many people would like to see it happen, with not only him but a long line of players such as Chris Ferguson, Annie Duke and the likes, they all still have a right to play the game. They can go to any casino anywhere in the world and pick up some cards.

Though it may not be pleasing on the ears, it really is the only true and logical solution. If we are going to ban these players from playing, where does that line stop of who can play and who can’t?

Barry Binnion killed people in his early life; he was convicted of it, as was another player by the name of Titanic Thompson. Johnny Moss has admitted being a cheater at poker, whilst the list could go on and on. So if we were to ban Lederer, what about these guys? Where does that line start and finish, does everyone with a criminal conviction get barred from poker?

The law is there for a reason, of which the law is saying right now that Lederer has not actually been charged with any wrong doing. He has civil cases to answer to with the DOJ but that is it, nothing criminal as of yet.

As much as the poker world seems to hate him, he still has some nerve to take back to the felt, yet there is nothing anyone can do. If you play against him you could make a few snide comments, or better still completely boycott the casino and get everybody else to so that they refuse him entry…yet is it really worth all that bother?

We personally feel that he was perhaps just testing the water after his exclusive interview with Pokernews, however judging the reaction we are not so sure he will be rushing out again in the future.



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