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WPT $100k Super High Roller: Silverman the Leader

Steven Silverman

Silverman won the EPT Grand Final High ROller a few days ago

Steven Silverman will go into Day 2 with a slight advantage over 2nd in chips Yevgeniy Timoshenko.

Silverman and Timoshenko are seated at the same table with Robert Mercer the closest to challenging them with 308,000 chips, versus Silvermen’s 962,000 stack and Timoshenko’s 935,000 chips. The two short stacks at the table are still around forty big blinds high, but with the two towering stacks in front of them it will be tough to pick the right spot.

On the other table there are six players looking evenly stacked in the bottom half of the chip lead, while David Sands is running away with the chip lead holding 612,000, which is the 3rd highest stack in the high roller tournament so far. Threating him are Jason Mercier with 333,500, and James Courtney with a closer challenge piling up 376,500 and 4th on the chip leader board.

There were just fifteen entries with a huge $1.5 million prize pool up for grabs so far, but the bubble and distribution of the prize pool have yet to be decided, despite Day 1 finishing on level 8 with 2,500/5,000 blinds and 500 antes. The cards will start flying late this afternoon Pacific Time still with five more blind levels to play before registration closes on level 13, where we are expecting a few more entries coming in deepstacked tomorrow with $100,000 to burn before the final late registration blind level is reached.

It would take something special to make anything of a challenge with the two leaders steaming ahead of the pack, although even a standard blind steal pays out two big blinds worth of chips, and a quick double up against a short stack could turn a late registration into a title contender.

Talking of the title, two previous title holders in this event were knocked out – Erik Seidel and Tom Marchese, putting an end to a double title take down. Cary Katz and Marvin Rettenmaier were also eliminated with Rettenmaier the final victim of Day 1.

Tomorrow we are expecting to run deep into the tournament down to the final table where the WPT television broadcasters will be bringing the action live form the Bellagio in Las Vegas through the wire directly to your screens.

Table 33’s Chip Count and Players

1st Steven Silvermen — 962,500 Seat 1

2nd Yevgeniy Timoshenko — 935,000 Seat 9

3rd Robert Mercer — 308,000 Seat 7

4th Jean-Noel Thorel — 225,000 Seat 3

5th Andrew Robl — 204,500 Seat 5


Table 34’s Chip Count and Players

1st David Sands — 612,000 Seat 6

2nd James Courtney — 376,500 Seat 7

3rd Jason Mercier — 333,500 Seat 5

4th Andrew Lichtenberger — 188,500 Seat 8

5th Daniel Perper — 188,500 Seat 1

6th Bill Klein –167,500 Seat 3


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