WPT Alpha8 Johannesburg Day 2 – Cates Claims Title


Daniel “Jungleman” Cates took home the World Poker Tour Johannesburg Alpha8 title after coming out on top against a high quality final table that included some of the world’s most well known high rollers. He won a payout of $500,000 after defeating both Kinesh Pather and Jason Mercier who finished in the remaining two payout positions of 2nd and 3rd respectively.



Day 2 of the event started with just 7 of the 10 players that had bought into this event and each of those survivors were charged with trying to at least finish in those top three positions in order to make a profit on their initial $100k investment. Cates actually began the day with the chip lead after another impressive performance on Day 1.

The first player of the seven to go was that of Antonio Esfandiari after he could not get the better of Kinesh Pather once the chips had gone into the middle. He was next followed out of the door by Philipp Gruissem who was looking to make this the third Alpha8 event victory in a row, yet Jeff Gross put paid to that dream.

Erik Seidel would be the man to be eliminated next before there were just four players remaining to fight over the three paying spots. It took an amazing 134 hands before we knew which of those players would just miss out and it was Jeff Gross after coming out second best against the pocket eights of Daniel Cates.

Cates would be responsible for the remaining two eliminations too as he saw off Jason Mercier in 3rd place and then Pather just a few hands later. That final hand saw Pather push with the Kh-Jc and see it called by the Js-10d of Cates. The board fell as the 10h-9d-7d-Jh-10c to give him a fullhouse, the title and $500k.

How It Finished

1st) Daniel Cates — $500,000

2nd) Kinesh Pather — $275,000

3rd) Jason Mercier — $200,000

4th) Jeff Gross

5th) Erik Seidel

6th) Philipp Gruissem

7th) Antonio Esfandiari