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WPT Borgata Poker Open Day 1a – Boyko Takes Early Lead

WPT Borgata Poker Open Day 1a – Boyko Takes Early Lead

The 2012 World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open has now got underway with the first flight of Day 1 already in the bag. In total there were eight levels of play that lasted 75 minutes apiece, whilst there were 374 original registrants who took to the felt.

As Day 1a ended we were left with just 200 with Robert Boyko becoming the first chip leader of the tournament with 173,100 chips. For the first time in this event re-buys have been allowed, as that format is proving immensely popular at the moment in tournament play.

This format means that anybody who was eliminated during the first four levels of play can re-buy back into the tournament as many times as they want as well as any players who go out on Day 1a can also buy back into the tournament on Day 1b.

Because of that new format at this tournament it meant that not many of the more notables hit the rail, simply because they had so many shots at getting through. There were some though, such as Gavin Smith, Matt Glantz, Andy Frankenberger, Jesse Sylvia, Will Failla, Steve Dannenmann and Jeff Green.

Mike Sica was another who went out on Day 1a, this happening when he got himself involved in a three way hand against Jared Hamby and Richie Marshall. There was a board of 7d-6s-3s-2h which is where all of the chips went in, Hamby flipped over the As-Ac, Marshall the Kd-Kh and Sica the 10d-10h.

The 2d came down on the river and Hamby won the hand with both of his opponents eliminated.

Failure For Failla!

Will Failla’s elimination hand came when he moved in with pocket jacks which put him ahead pre-flop against the Ad-3d of Jake Schwartz, only to see the ace come down as the first community card. The rest of the board was also no help to him and out he went.

Failla will probably be one of many players that opt to re-buy back in for Day 1b of this event, perhaps thinking that a fresh day and a fresh batch of players will give him a better chance.

Players Going Through To Day 2!

There were a whole host of top quality pros who made it into the second day, with the more notables being Barry Greenstein, Tony Dunst, Shawn Cunix and Carlos Mortensen. They were also joined by Allen Kessler, Matt Affleck, Eric Baldwin and Dwyte Pilgrim into the next day’s play.

With plenty more action still to go in this event, you know for sure that we will bring you all of the best bits as and when they happen.


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