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WPT Borgata Poker Open Day 1b – Lemke Out In Front!

WPT Borgata Poker Open Day 1b – Lemke Out In Front!

Day 1b of the World Poker Tour Borgata Open was played through to completion yesterday as 807 registrants made a combined total in this event to 1,181. This created a prize pool of $3,897.300 with the eventual winner taking home $818,847 of it. Whilst it is still early days, Brian Lemke is the current favourite to take home that massive cheque as he currently sits as chip leader with 272,575.

Lemke is in fact a WSOP bracelet holder after winning an event there back in 2009 and has always done well in this event over the years. One of the better hands he won yesterday was when he caught out one of his opponents bluffing. He was holding the Qs-9h on a board of Ad-Kc-5c-Ah-Ks when his opponent threw in a bet of 8k, Lemke spent some time thinking before finally calling to see that his opponent was bluffing with 10d-9d after missing out on his drawing straight.

In total there were eight solid levels played out on Day 1b, which allowed for a whole load of action at the felt. This led to a good selection of eliminations with many of them including some very notable players. We lost Barry Schulman, Mike Beasley, Allen Bari, Maurice Hawkins and Chris Klodnicki.

Amanda Musumeci was also one of the bigger players to be eliminated on Day 1b, after she opened the betting with a raise to 925 before the flop and was called by three players behind. Then the player that was sat in the big blind raised a further 5,500 to which Musumeci pushed all of her chips in the middle to the total of 19,700.

The big blind and everyone else folded except for the player sat in the hijack seat who decided to call. Musumeci was holding 10c-10h but her opponent had her dominated with the Qd-Qc, the community cards came out Qs-Js-9d-7d-4c and she was headed for the exits.

Others Going Through To Day 2!

We had some prominent names that were heading into Day 3 including Kyle Bowker, Mathew Salsberg, David Pham, Joe Serock, Jonathan Little, Jean ”Prince” Gaspard and Matt Glantz. There were other known players heading into Day 2 too with Josh Brikis, Jeff Gross, Joe Cada, Irv Gotti and Jesse Sylvia.

On Day 2 there will be the combined survivors of Day 1a and Day 1b playing together for the first time, in total there will be 665 all hoping to get through to Day 3 and creep ever closer to that final table. So ensure to come back and keep up to date with everything that happens.


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