WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open – Merulla Claims Title

WPT table

Anthony Merulla is the new World Poker Tour Borgata Winter Poker Open champion after beating a tough final table of 6 to the title and first place payout of $842,379. This was not an easy achievement to make either as the heads up session between him and David Peredes lasted an astonishing four hours and a total of almost 100 hands before the winner was revealed.

During that time the lead changed hands on a number of occasions and he did admit afterwards that he just got the right hands at the right time.

Throughout the final table he did taste some luck to even make it into heads up. One particular slice of luck saw him get all of his chips into the middle pre-flop when holding the pocket queens only to see Jared Jaffee with pocket kings and Farid Jattin with pocket tens. He got lucky by rivering a flush to overcome both of his opponents.

He needed no such luck on the final hand of the day though when both players pushed all-in on the flop of 6c-3s-Qc. He was holding two pair with the Qd-3d and was fortunate in that his opponent Paredes had also hit the queen with his Qs-8c. This meant he only had to avoid an eight to win the title and when the 7d and 4d fell on the turn and river respectively the title was finally his.

Paredes will still no doubt be more than happy with both how he played and the $499,549 he received for finishing as runner up.

One of the favourites going into this final table was that of Jared Jaffee who started 3rd in chips and was one of the more known faces at the table. However, he could only muster a 4th place finish.


With this event now over the attention will be heading over to Australia for the Aussie Millions which will see the Main Event start up tomorrow.

The Final Standings

1st) Anthony Merulla – $842,379

2nd) David Paredes – $499,549

3rd) Anthony Maio – $307,565

4th) Jared Jaffee – $258,590

5th) Vladislav Mezheritsky – $213,650

6th) Farid Jattin – $174,352