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WPT Canadian Spring Championship Day 3

Poker Chips Close-UpWe are starting to get right involved in the business end of proceedings at the World poker Tour Canadian Spring Championship now, with Day 3 seeing the 44 players that had progressed to the start of the action reduced down to just the last two tables and final 18 players.

Heading those final two tables will be Bryan Piccioli after he put himself in a strong position for this title after securing 3,441,000 chips. He still has lots of work to do though as he is literally only 120k ahead of current second placed man Amir Babakhani.

The rest of the field is getting quite stacked too, with there also being a number of notable players in the field such as Ravi Raghavan, Christian Harder, Jason Duval and Ronnie Bardah.



The Eliminations On Day 3!

Of the eliminations we witnessed on Day 3, there were notables in Paul Klann, Derek Lerner and Ben Hamnett. These will all have to wait until the season finale at the WPT World Championship later this month if they want to win a WPT title.

Day 4 will see those 18 play down to a small final table of 6 a little later today, with each of them eyeing that first place payout of $438,607. The day will kick back into action at the same time today, with us bringing you a top report on the action as soon as we have it.

The Current Top Ten!

Bryan Piccioli – 3,441,000

Amir Babakhani – 3,321,000

Christian Harder – 1,922,000

Brant David Kostandoff – 1,795,000

Ravi Raghavan – 1,394,000

Carter Swidler – 1,310,000

Danny Suied – 1,200,000

Allen Butkovic – 1,041,000

Jason Duval – 1,015,000

Tao Liang – 956,000

Each of the remaining players have already ensured that they will be walking away with at least $19,487, meaning that it has already been a profitable experience for them all so far. It’s the final table where the big money is though, which will surely be the minimum requirement for each of these players.

The Remaining Payouts!

1st – $438,607

2nd – $270,311

3rd – $197,390

4th – $135,574

5th – $101,409

6th – $81,093

7th – $65,587

8th – $52,175

9th – $39,184

10th – 12th – $28,078

13th – 15th – $22,420

16th – 18th – $19,487

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