WPT Caribbean Day 3 – Schleser Leading Final 11

Poker chips

It was another hectic day at the felt of the World Poker Tour Caribbean as Day 3 saw the remaining 32 players filtered down to just 11 going into the final day tonight. The original aim was for the final table to be established, but it seems that there was just not enough time for that to be achieved.

Severin Schleser was the player that finished up as the days chip leader after bagging and tagging 1,151,000 to put him a good 300k ahead of Tony Dunst who currently occupies the second spot.

Others that have managed to survive this long include Marvin Rettenmaier, Ebony Kenney and Giacomo Fundaro. Each of those will now be confident of making a last and final push towards the title, though it will be difficult to overcome the dominant display thus far from Schleser.

They are the fortunate ones as the likes of Sean Jazayeri, Justin Zaki, Micah Raskin and the bubble boy David Kaufman could not do enough to progress unto the final days worth of action.

The action will finish up later tonight as the final 11 play down until we have a winner. We will provide our last report on the action tomorrow and let you in on who it was that finished up as the 2013 World Poker Tour Caribbean champion.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Severin Schleser – 1,151,000

2nd) Tony Dunst – 814,000

3rd) Robert Bakker – 722,000

4th) Jean-Nicolas Fortin – 720,000

5th) Giacomo Fundaro – 547,000

6th) Average Chipcount – 520,909

7th) Bobby Oboodi – 486,000

8th) Marvin Rettenmaier – 394,000

9th) Ebony Kenney – 320,000

10th) Thomas Laviano – 299,000

What They Will Be Playing For


With the business end of the event now reached, the players can look forward to some significant rewards for their finishes. Below are the amounts each of them will be aiming at taking home tomorrow.

1st) $145,000

2nd) $100,000

3rd) $63,500

4th) $46,800

5th) $35,900

6th) $28,700

7th) $23,800

8th) $19,200

9th) $14,300

10th) $10,500`