WPT Emperors Palace Day 1b: Du Plessis In The Lead

Poker chips

Yesterday evening, Day 1b of the World Poker Tour Emperors Palace Poker Classic got the cards in the air in South Africa’s Johannesburg. Day 1a was a complete success with some crunching action as we saw this version of the WPT revisit South Africa for the second time in its history.

85 players were in the running for the first Day 1, but yesterday the swarm grew bigger, now totalling 176 players. It was clear when the doors opened, Day 1b was going to pack out the poker room at the Emperors Palace casino giving the establishment an electric vibe.

Eugene Du Plessis was the man in front by the end of the day with 142,100 chips stacked up in front of him. He’ll now go into Day 2 with the chip lead ahead of Day 1’s chip leader, Nahum Lum, who pulled together an impressive 123,725 stack, despite there being half the amount of chips on the tables compared to Day 1b.

For those who busted out there is still a chance to get back in as registration still hasn’t closed. Anyone still looking to get a piece of the action has an option to buy-in before level 1 of Day 2 sounds the bell, at which point the prize pool and first place prize will finally be announced.

It won’t be an easy day 2 by any means as we have Rupert Elder, who is an EPT Champion still in the running, but he’s only just above the tournament average chip stack of 42,187. Elder is currently holding onto 46,200 chips. Yet another threat out there is Hugh Todd, a World Series of Poker bracelet holder, but he’s in bad shape with only half the tournament average chip stack count holding just 28,600. Diana Svensk is one of the few females remaining stacking 10,050, also in bad shape. She won the 6-max side event here in SA, but she’s at risk right now and will be looking to shove early on for a double up.


Also, from Day 1b Faraz Jaka is out there. He’s another player short on chips, nonetheless he has the experience and the talent to come back, and if he does, he’ll be a big threat as he always is when he starts to pile up the chips.

Adding to a flurry of big names, there is some entertainment out there with MMA superstar Adam Speechly in the field. He’s got 17,475 chips, but you wouldn’t want to be the one to take him out as things could turn nasty if he has a long memory and you happen to bump into him on the casino floor later on!

As you can see below, going into Day 2 all top 6 players have 100,000 plus stacks to push around, but as with any tournament that could change in a matter of few hands, as the short stacks look to take a chunk out of the deep stacks as early as possible to stand a chance of getting to the final table and into the winners seat.

Day 2’s Chip Count

1st) Eugene du Plessis – 142,100

2nd) Nahum Lum – 123,725

3rd) Rob Fenner- 112,050

4th) Mauro De Rose – 105,575

5th) Leon Govindsamy – 100,500

6th) Edward Pastoll – 99,775