WPT Fallsview Poker Classic Day 1 – Lapossie Leading

Niagara falls

After a bit of a break between major poker tournaments recently, the World Poker Tour Fallsview Poker Classic got the action going again as 383 players turned up in order to stake their claim for a major title. The day finished with just 114 of those and Matthew Lapossie topping the charts with a chip count of 417,400.

He managed this after 13 levels and now sits a very comfortable 150k ahead of Sylvain Siebert who sits in second place on 264,800. It is still early days so he will certainly have his work cut out to stay there. This is especially the case with big name players Mike Leah and Yann Dion currently occupying top ten statuses.

Further back in the field are some other notable players such as Shaun Cunix, Mike Watson, Mark Radoja and Matt Marafioti, so this event is far from done for just yet.

As with every poker event we had to see some eliminations and among them were some very high profile players. Day 1 saw the evictions of Micah Raskin, Matt Giannetti, Mike McDonald, Vanessa Selbst, Shannon Shorr, Ana Marquez, Bryn Kenney, Christian Harder and Griffin Benger, all of whom would have made for a fascinating final table come the end of the event.



Day 2 will see the field return to the felt for a second time with each of the players looking to make the top 45 paying places. The action will be starting up at 7am ET for Day 2, so make sure you get back to us in order to find out which players are in with a good chance of a World Poker Tour title.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Matthew Lapossie – 417,400

2nd) Sylvain Siebert – 264,800

3rd) Elliot Smith – 235,400

4th) Soren Turkewitsch – 230,600

5th) Travell Thomas – 217,000

6th) Pirooz Bayat – 214,600

7th) Johnson Phanyaseng – 198,300

8th) Peter Labib – 185,400

9th) Mike Leah – 173,700

10th) Yann Dion – 172,200

The Prize Pool

1st) $363,197

2nd) $254,238

3rd) $163,439

4th) $121,066

5th) $90,799

6th) $72,639

7th) $60,533

8th) $48,426

9th) $36,320

10th – 12th) $26,462

13th – 15th) $21,619

16th – 18th) $18,506

19th – 21st) $16,257

22nd – 24th) $14,528

25th – 27th) $12,798

28th – 36th) $11,242

37th – 45th) $9,685