WPT Fallsview Poker Classic Day3 – Lapossie Claims Title

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The World Poker Tour Fallsview Poker Classic was completed last night as the final ten players were whittled down to just Matthew Lapossie who finished the tournament with all of the chips to be awarded the latest WPT champion in 2014.

He took home CAD $342,266 for his efforts after defeating Dylan Wilkerson when heads up for the title. The runner up was also more than happy with his performance and the CAD $228,806 he took home for his second place finish.

The day started with the unofficial table of ten and Jason James as the chip leader, however James would only go on to finish in 3rd place. The first player to go on Day 3 though was that of Xiahu Chen to bring us down to just nine players.

That elimination and the one of John Boulougouris that followed were both seen within the first five hands of the day.

The next elimination is where Lapossie started to move up the pay rankings after he saw off Peter Labib after making the nut flush. That elimination was the last for another four hours at the felt but when it came it was Dave Graham that was finally shown the door in 7th place.

That elimination finally brought us our official final table of six and that number was shortened further when Josue Sauvageau and his pocket jacks were busted by the A-Q of Wilkerson.

Four handed play started very slowly with none of the players obviously wanting to be the next to depart from this event. The players had to in fact wait until after the dinner break before Spiro Mikrogianakis came out the worst from a three way all in won by Lapossie.

This elimination as followed quickly by James after becoming the short stack. He made his move with the Ax-7x but was unfortunate to fins Lapossie holding the Ax-Kx which held out and sent the event into heads up.

He went into heads up with a significant advantage and the session lasted 22 hands before he saw off Wilkerson in 2nd place. The runner up pushed with pocket fours but was called by the As-5s of Lapossie and an ace on the board settled this event.

How It Finished

1st) Matthew Lapossie – $342,266

2nd) Dylan Wilkerson – $228,806

3rd) Jason James – $147,090

4th) Spiro Mikrogianakis – $108,956

5th) Josue Sauvageau – $81,716

6th) Howie Leung – $65,373

7th) Dave Graham – $54,478

8th) Peter Labib – $43,582

9th) John Boulougouris – $32,687