WPT Five Diamond Day 1: Negreanu Goes Through

Daniel Negreanu

The World Poker Tour Montreal may have just finished up yesterday but there is already another WPT event going on as Day 1 at the WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic has just been completed. An unofficial figure of 322 entrants has been quoted by the WPT as the casino staff has requested until the morning to reveal the official figures.

What we do know is that it is likely that Allen Pock is the chip leader on 155,925 chips and leads a tough looking top ten that includes the likes of Jeff Madsen, Jordan Cristos and Matt Glantz.

There was plenty of action at this re-entry event as players could buy in as many times as they liked which obviously encouraged some ultra loose play and massive pots. Other players to get through and into Day 2 included PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu, Christian Harder, David Sands, Andy Frankenberger, Christina Lindley, Micah Raskin, Mohsin Charania and David Rheem.





Day 2 will be commencing at 12pm PT and will allow re-entries right until the end of the eighth level so we are certain to have plenty of action to bring you in our next report tomorrow.

The Current Unofficial Top Ten

1st) Allen Pock – 155,925

2nd) Danny Hannawa – 130,075

3rd) Jeff Madsen – 125,300

4th) Don Nguyen – 124,900

5th) Ralph Thomas – 115,600

6th) Rick Lowe – 112,525

7th) Brock Parker – 96,000

8th) Jordan Cristos – 96,000

9th) Daniel Perper – 95,000

10th) Matt Glantz – 94,000