WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic Day 6 – Smith Victorious

Dan Smith Wins WPT Five Diamond

After a long six days at the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Five Diamond Poker Classic we finally have a champion in Dan Smith after he started the day with the chip lead and never really looked like losing it. He overcame a tough final table of six to lay claim to his first ever WPT title, a $1,161,135 payday and a free seat worth $15,400 in the WPT Championship.

He beat Gary Benson heads-up after starting that session with a large chip advantage and it did not take him too long to see off his opponent with the Ks-10d against the pocket fours. The board fell as the 10c-9c-5d-9d-7h and Smith was crowned the latest WPT champion.

Joe Serock was the first elimination of the night after just 21 hands when his Qs-10h could not beat out the Ah-Js of Dan Smith on a board of Ac-6d-4d-3h-7h. Serock took home $175,766 for his efforts.

The second player to go on the night was Barry Hutter in 5th place for a payout of $219,165. The player to send him home was Eddy Sabat after Hutter had five bet all-in and attracting the call from his opponent. Hutter had the As-Kc but was behind the Kd-Kh of Sabat and when the board of 9d-9s-7h-10s-Js could not improve his hand, out went Hutter.

Out in 4th place went Shaun Suller after he had become the short stack and pushed all in with his Ad-9d. Sabat was there to make the call with Qh-Qs and the board of Kd-4c-2c-10d-7h did not improve Suller’s hand and out he went for $303,793.

Eddy Sabat was next to go as his all-in push with the Ac-9d was tank called by Dan Smith holding the Ks-Qs. The flop fell as the Kd-Jc-6s-3c-10s to see the field now reduced to just the two that will be battling it out for the title.

As heads-up play started Smith had a huge advantage with his chip count of 11,940,000 dwarfing that of the 1,735,000 of Gary Benson. As we know from above, it did not take too long for him to overcome his opponent and take home the title.

The Final Standings

1st) Dan Smith – $1,161,135

2nd) Gary Benson – $672,685

3rd) Eddy Sabat – $436,160

4th) Shaun Suller – $303,793

5th) Barry Hutter – $219,165

6th) Joe Serock – $175,766