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WPT Five Diamond Day 4 – Esfandiari Still In Front

WPT Five Diamond Day 4 – Esfandiari Still In Front

The World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic has just seen Day 4 completed with the original 60 to take their seats being slashed right down to just 22 remaining. The one thing in common between the start of the day and the end of the day was the name at the top of the hip counts; Antonio Esfandiari is still leading with a stack of 1,597,000.

He is joined by only another three players that have broken the 1 million chip barrier, with the other names being Thomas Winters, Andrew Lichtenberger and the supremely talkative Shawn Buchanen. There is then a 150k drop down to the next players in the top ten, with some notable names in Schwartz, Timoshenko and Aguiar.

Esfandiari is now on course to win this event for the second time, with his first coming two years ago. He didn’t do too bad last year either after finishing fourth, so he will be hoping to achieve at least a similar result. With such big names still in the mix though, he is certainly going to have his work cut out.

We did lose a large selection of names too though, with most of them at least making the money. Jimmy Tran, Chino Rheem, Dan Shak, Will Failla, David Sands, Tony Dunst and the consistent Phil Galfond all being eliminated but with at the very least a payout of $19,516.

This is because the bubble was burst when Roland Israelashvili fell just short in 55th place; this meant that the remaining players were all guaranteed just under $20k. For some players that might not be enough however as many of them took two or three and even four shots at this event, so they will be aiming to recoup as much of that back as possible.

Day 5 will be kicking off at the same time of 12pm noon local time with those players still in the event having to reduced to the final table which is to be played tomorrow. It will certainly be interesting to see if Esfandiari can in fact keep up his excellent form in this event and make it a historic double at the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic.

So if you want to be kept informed, we will be brining an updated report of the action as soon as we have the information ourselves, so pop back to be kept in the picture.

The Current Top Ten!

Antonio Esfandiari – 1,597,000

Shawn Buchanen – 1,290,000

Thomas Winters – 1,250,000

Andrew Lichtenberger – 1,107,000

Arthur Morris – 863,000

Jeremy Kottler – 851,000

Jonathan Aguiar – 732,000

Yevgeniy Timoshenko – 716,000

Ravi Raghaven – 693,000

Noah Schwartz – 656,000


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