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WPT Five Diamond – Raghavan Wins The Title

WPT Five Diamond – Raghavan Wins The Title

Last night saw another tournament finish as the World Poker Tour Five Diamond World poker Classic came to an end, with the winner being eventually revealed as Ravi Raghavan. He took down the first place prize of $1,268,571 and of course the illustrious title.

He certainly did it the hard way too, which means that he fully deserves this achievement. He actually started on the final table as the short stack yet still managed to be the only stack remaining come the end of the session.

He also did it on one of the toughest final tables we have ever seen with regards to the players that were on it. He managed to beat the world’s highest earning player and winner of the event back in 2010 Antonio Esfandiari, a player who made this final table last year in Andrew Lichtenberger and Shawn Buchanen who is a WPT Champions Club member.

As It Panned Out!

As we already mentioned, Raghavan was the smallest stack coming into the final table, yet he managed to double up on two occasions early on to send him right to the summit of the chip counts. Once there he didn’t waste his opportunity either and kept up his chip building at a good rate of knots.

By the time the action had found its way to just the three remaining players, it was down to Raghavan to eliminate Thomas Winters in third place to send it into heads up between him and Buchanen.

He held a 4-1 chip advantage over his opponent and in all honesty it really didn’t take long for that session to end as Buchanen decided to push all-in whilst holding the Kd-7s and was instantly called by Raghavan who was holding pocket sevens. The board was slowly displayed as the Js-9d-9h-8s-4d, this sent Raghavan into an emphatic show of emotion with his followers on the rail, with this being his first major title and easily his best ever score.

When that final table started, nobody gave him a chance from the outside. He was probably the least known player on the table with the least amount of chips to play with. However, it just shows that with a little bit of luck and a determination to win, anyone can push on to victory in certain situations.

The Final Standings!

Ravi Raghavan – ($1,268,571)

Shawn Buchanan – ($746,502)

Thomas Winters – ($483,031)

Antonio Esfandiari – ($329,339)

Andrew Lichtenberger – ($234,197)

Jeremy Kottler – ($187,845)

We have certainly enjoyed the event, with this being a busy week of poker, with a massive starting field and now a very happy underdog taking home the win.


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