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WPT Jacksonville – Tom Nguyen Leading Field After Day 1a

WPT Jacksonville – Tom Nguyen Leading Field After Day 1a

The World Poker Tour got back into action yesterday as the WPT Jacksonville event got underway after a attracting a field of 214 for Day 1a. That figure has brought an improvement on both of the last two events here with a growth of almost 15 percent.

In many ways this attendance was a little unexpected with staff at the casino having to add an extra level to proceedings just to ensure the event gets completed in time, this brought the total to 11 levels for Day 1a.

As the first flight of Day 1 ended the chip leader was Tom Nguyen who had played extremely well throughout to build a stack of 298,500 chips. He will be joined by another 65 survivors from the field on Day 1a, whilst Day 1b will be played out tomorrow to see what survivors will be joining them on Day 2 on Sunday.

Other notable players who hold good chip stacks include Edward Gray, Jonathan Aguiar, Robert Salaburu, Mohsin Charania, Michael Wong and Lee Markholt.

The event is a re-entry affair that allowed players the option of buying back into the event in today’s Day 1b; this resulted in the tournament being far looser than normal. Players were trying to get bigger stacks quickly knowing that if they lose out they can always have another shot if they so wish.

Many of the biggest pros were adopting a highly aggressive yet loose style, with many of them actually enjoying the format rather than biding their time and waiting for the better hands.

Big Names Eliminated!

There were some massive poker names eliminated on Day 1a, yet you know they will all be back later today. We lost Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Faraz Jaka, Matt Gianetti, Jason Mercier, Matt Glantz as well as the defending champion Shawn Cunix.

We also lost David Diaz who was eliminated when he pushed all-in after a set of re-raises from his opponents pre-flop. Jeremy Mernard was the only caller and was holding the As-Kd whilst Diaz help 8c-8h, the board looked great for Diaz right up until the river fell as a king to send him to the rails.

The Current Standings:

Tom Nguyen – 295,800

Edward Gray – 260,000

Robert Salaburu – 249,200

Michael Wong – 239,400

Joey Weissman – 236,300

Noah Schwartz – 200,700

Joseph Elpayaa – 193,500

Mohsin Charania – 181,000

Jeremy Menard – 173,000

Lee Markholt – 164,100

Make sure you check back with us tomorrow as we bring you the news on whether all of those big names that were eliminated decide to have another go and if they do, tell you exactly how they did.



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