WPT Legends Of Poker Day 4 – Laak in Final Table

Phil Laak

We are down to the serious end of the World Poker Tour Legends Of Poker at the Bicycle Casino in California after Day 4 saw the remaining 15 players and two tables reduced to just 6. The action was fast and furious with Ryan Goindoo finishing in the strongest position with 5,570,000 chips.

He leads a final table that includes Jordan Cristos, Alexandru Masek, and notables in Dan Heimiller and the ever popular Phil Laak. This all leads to us believing that the action on that table later today will be intense and extremely tough for all involved.

During Day 4 we obviously had to lose half of the field, with the likes of Sam Barnhart, Garrett Greer, Stephen Garner and the unfortunate bubble boy Patrick Karschamroon all not doing quite enough to secure a place on the lucrative final table. At least they can all be satisfied with their performances, though it will always be tough just missing out.

Check the chip counts and seating positions of the remaining six for today’s final table shootout just below. Dan Heimiller will start the day as the short stack but the rest of the field are not too far apart from each other, which should ensure we have quite a thrilling end to this event. Heimiller himself only needs a couple of double ups to get himself back in the fold, which is certainly not impossible.

The Final Table Seating And Chip Counts

St 1) John Gordon – 2,935,000

St 2) Jordan Cristos – 4,265,000

St 3) Alexandru Masek – 2,890,000

St 4) Phil Laak – 4,730,000

St 5) Ryan Goindoo – 5,570,000

St 6) Dan Heimiller – 1,070,000

With the final table now set, the players will know that they stand to pocket $85,080 at the very least $85,080 and the possibility of taking home the winners cheque of $613,355.

What They Are Playing For

1st)  $613,355

2nd) $356,115

3rd) $233,360

4th) $156,790

5th) $109,385

6th) $85,080

Day 5 will finally reveal the winner of the event as the last six plays down until there is just one player remaining. Read our final report on the WPT Legends of Poker tomorrow to discover just who it was that managed to claim the title.