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WPT Mazagan Main Event Day 1a – Darcourt Early Leader

WPT Mazagan Main Event Day 1a – Darcourt Early Leader

With one World Poker Tour Event just being completed over in Montreal, another has already started up. Yesterday saw the World Poker Tour Mazagan Main Event starting up over in Africa. The first flight of Day 1 saw only 66 players taking to the felt, yet by the end of the day that number was reduced to 38.

Though that number of players seems fairly small, it is traditional for the second flights of tournaments to attract far more players. The chip leader after Day 1a was the Frenchman Guillaume Darcourt who successfully built a stack of 134,800. He is only slightly in the lead though as he has just 100 more than Jeremie Sarda with 134,700.

Another reason this event is expected to be on the small size is because of the WPT Montreal having just finished, meaning players participating in that event will simply not have the time to make the journey. The WPT Prague is also set to start up as well, so it is no surprise that this has not been able to compete with the numbers in Canada.

Double Visit For The WPT!

This is actually the second time the World Poker Tour has had a stop here in Mazagan in 2012, with them deciding to hold the WPT National Series event here just a few months ago in July. That event was taken down by Roger Hairabedian.

Despite the small field, there have been a number of notable names to have made the journey over, with Dacourt himself and others such as Paul Tedeschi and Steve O’Dwyer.

Dacourt actually just pushed himself to the top of the leaderboard on the very last hand of the day. Darcourt getting involved in a hand that saw Ellie Payan push all-in preflop, both him and Achiles Voltolina made the call and saw the flop of Jh-7h-3h.

They each checked to see queen fall on the turn, they both checked it down again and an 8 fell on the river. Darcourt had just hit a straight with a 9-10 and bet out 17k. Voltolina showed exactly why it is not a good idea to slow play pocket aces, as he saw his ones busted on the river. The other player in the hand mucked his hand and was eliminated on Day 1a.

That saw Darcourt edge himself just above Sarda albeit by just 100 chips.

The Current Top Ten!

Guillaume Darcourt – (134,800)

Jeremie Sarda – (134,700)

Fabrice Soulier – (126,800)

Aubin Cazals – (125,800)

Sergei Vasilyev – (114,300)

Paul Tedeschi – (94,700)

Achile Voltolina – (73,500)

Paul Guichard – (68,700)

Steve O’Dwyer – (68,700)

Mbarek Saadi – (68,200)

Day 1b starts up in just a few hours at 1pm local time, so make sure you come back to get a full update once it has been completed.


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