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WPT Mazagan Main Event Day 3 – Kitai Storms To The Top

WPT Mazagan Main Event Day 3 – Kitai Storms To The Top

The final table at the World Poker Tour Mazagan has now been set as Day 3 has been played out until completion. The final six will now come back later today to be reduced right down until we have a winner.

The player that finished the day as the chip leader was Davidi Kitai as he built up a huge stack of 1,940,000 chips. That total puts him three times the amount of any other player with his closest competitor being the player that was the chip leader coming into the day, whilst he had also been the chip leader for the past two days, Clement Beauvois with 668k.

Kitai had previously been playing this event extremely patiently, and on Day 3 it really started to pay off as he grew his stack into the biggest in the field. Once he got himself in front however, that is when he upped gears and literally went off into the distance.

25 Down To 6!

The first level of the day saw Gaelle Baumann take one step forward and then two backwards as she managed to double up before then being eliminated. In fact both plays were against the same player, as Sergei Vasilyev first let her doubled u with pocket nines against her opponent, before running pocket sevens into his pocket kings to give him all of his chips back and also the remainder of hers.

We also lost plenty of other notable names throughout the session too with the likes of Eric Botella, Jeremy Nock and Nicolas Dervaux heading for the rails.

The player that came into the day as the chip leader, Clement Beauvois still managed to finish the day in second place despite having more of a struggle on Day 3. He doubled up one of his opponents in Paul Tedeschi and generally found it tough going as the event got deeper.

That double up helped Tedeschi, yet he was the bubble boy for the final table as he finished in 7th place. The irony of it though, was that it was Beauvois who actually took him out, as his opponents A-10 didn’t get the luck he wanted against his A-Q.

The Final Table!

Davidi Kitai – (1,940,000)

Clement Beauvois – (668,000)

Giacomo Fundaro – (644,000)

Jeremy Nock – (405,000)

Bruno Fitoussi – (392,000)

Frederic Brunet – (316,000)

The final table will be kicking off a little bit later today with that final six playing down to a winner. Can anyone stop Kitai? Check with us a little later to find out as we bring you a full and detailed report on what happens at the final table.



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