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WPT Mazagan Main Event – Fundaro Earns Win

WPT Mazagan Main Event – Fundaro Earns Win

Another week closer to Christmas and another tournament in the bag, as we say the World Poker Tour Mazagan come to an end with Giacomo Fundaro winning the Main Event. He finished on top of an original field of 146 players to win $168,207.

As the day started the chip leader was Davidi Kitai who had made a statement just before played when he was asked in an interview which of the players on the final table he was in most fear of doubling up. The player he named was Giacomo Fundaro as he was the one player he felt was the most unpredictable.

He didn’t keep to his word though as the chip leader did double up the eventual winner, with it coming within the first couple of levels. His opponent was holding the pocket tens and his As-Js were unable to crack them.

The First Elimination Of The Day!

The first player to fall from the table was in fact Bruno Fitoussi who had little choice but to push with the Ah-3d and was called by Kitai and his Kc-9d. He was in god shape right until the river when a king fell to see him finish in 6th place.

Next out was a player that was a chip leader early on in this event Clement Beauvois, when he ran his Qc-Ts into Fundaro’s pocket sevens and was unable to improve. Kitai was out in fourth place when he moved all-in over the top of Fundaro when holding pocket jacks, only to see Fundaro holding pocket kings.

We were now down to three players with Fundaro already holding almost double that of Nock in second place. However, it would be Nock to go next as he lost a few hands before losing a coin flip against Frederic Brunet as they held the K-Q, A-T respectively.

Heads Up!

It took a good two and a half hours of play between the final two players before the winner was revealed. Brunet decided enough was enough and pushed with the Qh-9h and was called fairly quickly by Fundaro and his Ac-3h.

An ace appeared on the flop and just one card later there was no chance of Brunet pulling off a miracle. The new WPT Champion was announced as Fundaro and the rest as they say is history.

How It Finished:

Giacomo Fundaro – $168,207

Frederic Brunet – $99,082

Jeremy Nock – $64,048

David Kitai – $47,279

Clement Beauvois – $35,518

Bruno Fitoussi – $28,531

Though it was a fairly small field of players for this event, the action was still off the highest quality and it produced a more than well deserved WPT title holder.


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