WPT Merit Cyprus Classic Day 2 – Rybin Leader Of 31

Alexey Rybin

Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Merit Cyprus Classic was completed last night and finished up with just 31 of the 103 players that started the day. That is still four players shy of the paying positions meaning the bubble will begin as soon as Day 3 commences.

The action saw a total of five levels that lasted ninety minutes apiece and saw the player who finished at the top after Day 1a again sitting the prettiest after obtaining 858,000 chips.

He leads by quite a margin, with a total of 300k to spare over Asaf Avci in second place. Of the big names to just about make it through, there was Manig Loeser and Tobias Peters, though both will have to up their game if they want to win the event outright.

We also lost some fairly big names on Day 2 as Marko Neumann, Steve Billirakis, Kara Scott and Roger Hairabedian all failed to make Day 3 and a shot at winning some money.


Those 31 players will now all have an eye on at the very least a top 27 finish, as that is where the paying places start to roll in. Four players will still be going home empty handed though, so the action at the start of Day 3 is going to be very intense.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Alexey Rybin – 858,000

2nd) Asaf Avci – 519,500

3rd) Natalya Nikitina – 468,000

4th) Kayhan Tugrul – 461,000

5th) Rami Shouman – 396,500

6th) Albert Daher – 382,000

7th) Barış Topkaya – 309,000

8th) Bernard Samaha – 276,500

9th) Andrei Nikonov – 267,000

10th) Alexandr Lakhov – 265,500

Below is what each of those players will be aiming for in terms of payouts, though they will obviously want to get as high as they possibly can in the pay scale.

The Remaining Payouts

1st) 250,000

2nd) 154,500

3rd) 100,100

4th) 72,900

5th) 54,500

6th) 44,400

7th) 36,800

8th) 29,400

9th) 22,200

10th – 12th) 16,200

13th – 15th) 13,200

16th- 18th) 11,200

19th – 21st) 9,800

22nd – 24th) 8,800

25th – 27th) 7,780

Catch Day 3 with us tomorrow as we bring you which players have done enough to not only make the money but also earn a seat on the final table.