WPT Merit Cyprus Classic – Rybin Leads Final Table

Alexey Rybin

Day 4 at the World Poker Tour Merit Cyprus Classic was completed yesterday and saw the final table reached as eight players were eliminated from the remaining 14. There were eight levels played out in total before that final table was achieved and it was that man Rybin who again finished at the top of the chip counts.

He was the chip leader on Day 1a, the chip leader on Day 2 and 3 and again leads the field after Day 4. If he was to go on and win this event, it would go down as one of the most dominating displays of all time in a poker tournament. Each day has seen him consistently improve both his chip stack and of course his lead in the event.

He has 2,698,000 in chips, more than a million more than Albert Daher on 1,595,000 and is in a superb position to take down this title. The Russian also has some comrades at the table too as both Andrei Nikonov and Sergey Rybachenko are looking to spring a surprise on Rybin.

Then there are two Lebanese players in Peirre Sayegh and Albert Daher and a lone Turkish player in Kayhan Tugrul.

The players that didn’t make it into the last day included Natalya Nikitina, Alexandr Lahkov and Maximillian Droege with the latter being the unfortunate bubble boy for that final table after being eliminated by Rybachenko with pocket tens.

The Final Table Seating And Chip Counts

St 1) Pierre Sayegh – 349,000

St 2) Alexey Rybin – 2,698,000

St 3) Andrei Nikonov – 1,280,000

St 4) Sergey Rybachenko – 921,000

St 5) Albert Daher – 1,595,000

St 6) Kayhan Tugrul – 1,025,000

The six remaining players will be coming back to the final table at 1pm Cyprus time and will play until there is just one man remaining. The favourite is obviously Rybin but as we have all seen in the past, absolutely anything can happen on a final table.

Below is what each of the players will be playing for on that table, though the title and first place payout is what each of them would have been dreaming about last night.

The Remaining Payouts

1st) 258,000

2nd) 160,200

3rd) 103,700

4th) 75,600

5th) 56,600

6th) 46,000

Come back tomorrow for our final report on this event and to find out if anybody could stop the momentum of the current chip leader Alexey Rybin.