WPT Montreal Day 5 – Rosenbarger Storms To Title

Derrick Rosenbarger Wins WPT Montreal

The World Poker Tour Montreal has now been put to bed after Day 5 saw the remaining six players battle it out on the televised final table in order to take home the title. They had all come through four previous days worth of action and were the only ones left out of the original 862 players that had bought into the event.

Come the end of the day it was Derrick Rosenbarger who claimed the title after starting the day as the second smallest stack at the table and pushing his way past all of his opponents to come out on top.

The first to be eliminated was Alexandre Lavigne after he had already lost one big pot before pushing all in with the Kh-8c and attracting a call from Serge Cantin who held the 10h-10d. He was behind and couldn’t get the cards he wanted from the Jc-9s-5d-5c-3h and went out in 6th place.

Next to go was Lily Kiletto who had actually started the day as the overwhelming short stack. She had done well to double up early on to get herself one extra place up in the rankings before being eliminated. That netted her an extra $20k when she was taken out by the Ac-Qc of Sylvain Siebert.

Siebert would be the next to go however as his Ad-6d came out second best against the pocket eights of Serge Cantin.

This left us with the final three, though this was only the case for just eight hands before Cantin would continue the trend of eliminating a player and then being the next to go. He even had the same hand in pocket eights but this time they could not come out on top against the Ah-Kc of Mukul Pahuja when an ace fell on the flop.

Heads-up started with Pahuja holding more than a 2-1 chip advantage over Rosenbarger but a double ensured this was going to be much closer than most thought. The final hand saw Pahuja push all-in with the Ad-4d only to be called instantly by Rosenbarger and his pocket queens. The board fell as the 9h-6d-3c-4s-2h to reveal Rosenbarger as the latest WPT champion.

He took home $500,824 for his stunning victory as well as his first ever WPT title.

The Final Standings

1st) Derrick Rosenbarger – $500,824

2nd) Mukul Pahuja – $340,928

3rd) Serge Cantin – $220,170

4th) Sylvain Siebert – $162,936

5th) Lily Kiletto – $121,848

6th) Alexandre Lavigne – $98,574