WPT Montreal – Final Table Established

Montreal in dusk

The World Poker Tour Montreal is now heading into the last day’s action as Day 4 whittled the remaining 18 players down to the final six that will battle it out on the official final table later tonight.

Leading those six will be the same player that was leading at the start of Day 4 in Sylvain Siebert who now has a chip count of 8,435,000. This has him ahead of the likes of Serge Cantin on 6,960,000, Mukul Pahuja on 5,945,000 and Alexandre Lavigne with 2,150,000. The short stack on the table is Lily Kiletto on 370,000, but according to her tweets she is just happy to have made it this far.

We had twelve eliminations on Day 4 with the most recognisable of those being the likes of Ludovic Lacay, Amir Babakhani, Griffen Benger, David Paredes and Jonathan Little. They will all be happy enough to have made decent cash outs though and will now be looking ahead to their next events.


The Final Table Seating And Chip Counts

St 1) Serge Cantin – 6,960,000

St 2) Mukul Pahuja – 5,945,000

St 3) Derrick Rosenbarger – 1,985,000

St 4) Alexandre Lavigne – 2,150,000

St 5) Lily Kiletto – 370,000

St 6) Sylvain Siebert – 8,435,000

Day 5 will get underway at the same time today with those six remaining players charged with fighting their way up the pay rankings and possibly winning the WPT Montreal title. Below are the remaining prize pool information and what the players will be fighting it out for.

What They Will Play For

1st) $500,824

2nd) $340,928

3rd) $220,170

4th) $162,936

5th) $121,848

6th) $98,574