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WPT Montreal Main Event – Roy Delighted To Win

WPT Montreal Main Event – Roy Delighted To Win

The hugely successful first ever World Poker Tour Montreal Main Event has finally been completed just a few hours ago, with Jonathan Roy finishing up in first place out of an original field of 1,173 to take home the title and $779,710 first place payout.

This event has been widely documented to have smashed records, with it becoming not only one of the WPT’s most successful events this year but by far the biggest event ever in Canada.

That field of 1,173 generated a huge prize pool of $3,387,930 with the largest slice being rather fittingly contested by two Canadians when Roy and Pascal Lefrancois got to heads up. Day 4 saw just the six remaining players coming back to the felt with Jeff Gross being the chip leader.

Kaemmerlen Out In Sixth – $113,155

Kaemmerlen was the first player to go. He made a pre-flop raise of 300k and was instantly re-raised to 1,260,000 by Jeff Gross. This led Kaemmerlen to put his tournament life on the line by pushing all-in to the tune of 2,400,000. Gross called and the flop came down as 7s-5d-4c, which had Kaemmerlen and his pocket jacks in front of the Ah-10d of Gross. The turn fell as the 9h and then the heartbreaking river of the Ad which saw Kaemmerlen eliminated.

Sylvain Siebert Out In Fifth – $146,360

Siebert may have started the day as the chip leader, but he was actually eliminated in fifth place when he was up against the pocket queens of Roy with pocket sixes. The community cards improved nobodies hand and Roy’s queens had done enough.

Gavin Smith Out In Fourth – $211,745

The short stack coming into the day was Gavin Smith, meaning he had done excellently to last another two positions before being eliminated. He pushed his chips into the middle whilst holding the Ad-5s and was rather surprisingly called by the Kc-7s of Roy. The board fell as 8d-8s-2c-7d-3c to end Smiths event.

Jeff Gross Out In Third – $317,450

Gross was fast becoming the overwhelming short stack amongst the final three and finally found a hand he felt comfortable pushing with as he put all of his chips into the middle holding the Kd-Qc, though in retrospect he may have wish he didn’t when he saw Roy holding the As-Qc once he had called. The very first card on the board gave Roy the pot when it read Ac-6c-6s-2d-Ks.

Heads Up!

The very last hand of the day happened when Lefrancois had no choice but to push all-in having been crippled in a previous hand where his pocket sixes lost out to the Ks-Qc of Roy. The last hand saw him push his last 500k into the middle with the 8c-3h whilst Roy had a simple call with the Ks-Jh. The board could hardly have been any better as it fell Kc-Jc-4d-Qd-9d to confirm Roy as the title holder.

How It Finished:

Jonathan Roy – ($779,710)

Pascal Lefrancois – ($470,920)

Jeff Gross – ($317,450)

Gavin Smith – ($211,745)

Sylvain Siebert – ($146,360)

Peter Kaemmerlen – ($113,155)


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