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WPT National China Poker Tournament Sanya On Its Way!

WPT National China Poker Tournament Sanya On Its Way!

Whilst the Chinese have always been synonymous with gambling, the same cannot be said about them and poker. However, the World Poker Tour are attempting to change all of that by hosting their first ever event in the country.

It is going to be starting in the middle of December, with the 14th being the first day of events and it will run until the 17th. It will be hosted at the MGM Grand Sanya Resort in Sanya on the Hainan Island in China.

The WPT have always been known to go looking to expand into new markets, with Asia one of their biggest focuses at the moment. By simply looking at much of an impact it had in Macau, you can see why they are so interested in exploring into these regions.

The Main Event!

This is set to be an event that will run across three days and require a $1,500 buy-in, though the government laws have made the whole process a little more tricky than usual. They are standing firm that the event will be mainly local players and a very limited amount of international players. The international players will also only be allowed to enter under initiation.

The prize pool is expected to be around the $650k mark, which is not too bad for a first event, though you never quite know just how popular it will be. Take the WPT Montreal for example, that event went well above expectations for the first ever WPT event to be held in Canada.

Notable Players Already Confirmed!

We have so far learned that David Steicke, Jacky Wang, Raidan Kan and Jan Tay have already put their names down for that Main Event, with many more expected to follow suit.

There is more than just the Main Event too, there is set to be a dozen events in total, with each designed to appeal to its very own niche’s and budgets. There will be a No Limit Holdem turbo event running right alongside the Main Event from the 14th, whilst the WPT China will finish with the No Limit Holdem Ladies event which will play out on the 17th of December.

This event has already got us all interested, as we are certain that this could be the beginning of future events to be held in China over the years. At the end of the day, by bringing events to new corners of the world on a regular basis, the WPT are really doing great things for the game that will all adore.


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