WPT Prague Day 1B in the Books

Jason Duval Wins Event #28

Prague is a very busy place in the poker world this week as some of the world’s best players have arrived for a two major tournament events.

One of the events is the World Poker Tour event, which has finished the second of three opening flights.

Of the 72 players who started the day 43 will be moving on to day 2. Jason Duval ended the second flight and bagged 153,000 chips.

Duval’s assent to chip leader was helped by two big hands that occurred within minutes of each other. Duval eliminated Michael Polchoplek who held AJ vs Duval’s AQ.  A few hands later Duval showed his willingness to gamble as he called on every street holding 9-8 of hearts on an Ah-9s-7-5h board to hit his flush on the river.

“Mad” Marvin Rettenmaier finished in the 6th spot with 89,600 in chips. Mad Marvin eliminated  short stacked Fabrice Soulier by cracking the Frenchmen’s pocket aces by flopping the nuts holding King-Jack. In one of the last levels of the day he also eliminated Zimnan Ziyard, when his Ace-rag hand hit and ace against his opponents pocket fives.

Will “The Thrill” Failla also had a top ten finish and bagged 83,400 when play ended. Though, Failla appeared to be more taken with the food in Prague than the poker.



Fifth place Roger Hairabedian was confident in his play and comfortable with his chip stack and did not play the last two levels.

Flight 1C is expected to be the largest of the three first flights.

Here are the day 1B Chip Leaders: