WPT Prague Main Event: 21 Return for Day 4

Poker chips

Day 3 of the WPT Prague Main Event started with 63 players. Some were trying to be among the 36 players that made the money and others had eyes only on taking the title.

Marc Etienne McLaughlin continues his very good 2013 tournament run. The Canadian was unable to hold on to his chip lead but still bagged a top 10 chip stack. On his way to the final 21, he eliminated Sam Cohen in a particularly brutal fashion with full house over full house on the river.

Kara Scott who started in second chip position was eliminated in the 22nd spot, after being unable to recover from running AK into KK early on the level one.  Scott also ran pocket 10’s into a set of 9’s and was eliminated when her 44 fell to A9.


Kevin McPhee failed to gain any traction during the day of play and finally shove with suited connectors.


The big story of the day however was Ognjen Sekularac, who started the day as one of the shorter stacks in play and when the dust settled, he ended up with 1,323,000.  The Serb put on clinic in power poker, especially during bubble play where he was relentless, including the previously mentioned double up through Kara Scott with a set of 9’s.  Sekularac continued to bully his table at every opportunity on his quest for chip lead.

Here’s how the chips stack up when play resumes.

Ognjen Sekularac1,322,000
Vasili Firsau1,199,000
Andrey Shatilov683,000
Scott Augustine65,1000
Roger Hairabedian536,000
Ryan Spittles480,000
Marc Etienne McLaughlin468,000
Valeri Savov451,000
Chanracy Khun384,000
Govert Metaal336,000
Emil Mattsson295,000
Mickael Pages291,000
Andrea Benelli276,000
Manuel Bevand264,000
Mateusz Moolhuizen250,000
Piotr Pietrzak249,000
Daniel Laidlaw238,000
Gintaras Simaitis232,000
Julian Thomas211,000
Carla Solinas205,000
Timur Margolin196,000

The Remaining Prize Pool

1st) $283,827

2nd) $185,796

3rd) $116,982

4th) $86,703

5th) $64,683

6th) $52,297

7th) $44,040

8th) $34,406

9th) $24,944

10th – 12th) $19,267

13th – 15th) $16,377

16th – 18th) $13,762

19th – 21st) $12,112