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WPT Prague – Wydrowski First Polish WPT Winner

WPT Prague – Wydrowski First Polish WPT Winner

The World Poker Tour Prague Main Event finished up last night after a busy poker schedule that saw two events finish, another finishing as we speak and one more start up, with this win crowning Marcin Wydrowski as the champion.

Wydrowski becomes the first ever winner of a WPT event from Poland and takes home a price of $423,957 and a $25k seat at the WPT Championships.

This event has proved to be a very good one, with the quality of poker being at the very highest quality. Prague always proves to be very successful, especially at this time of the year with this event initially attracting 567 players.

Day 5

The first elimination was almost instant as Alin Grasu found himself eliminated within the first 15 minutes of the day. Grasu bet 75k preflop and was called by Tony Chang, they saw a flop of Qc-7s-7d which Grasu again bet out at with a bet of 130k, Chang called. The turn card showed the 4h leading Grasu to push all-in, with Chang insta-calling an showing the Jc-7c. Grasu had the Ad-Qd and was already heading for the exits when the river card came as the 2h.

Michael Gagliano was next to go, however he would have been heartbroken at how it happened. After a pre-flop war, he was all-in and was called by Sbrzesny. He showed pocket aces whilst his opponent had pocket queens, he was looking good until the river card fell as the Qd to give his opponent the victory and massive chip lead in the event.

Tony Chang then finished in 4th after getting bumped from the tournament by Alexandr Lahkov after they saw a flop of 6s-5s-3s; he pushed all in on a straight draw and was called by the two pair of Lahkov. Then Sbrzesny took a massive hit from Wydrowski and became the short stack, which led to him not lasting too much longer as he was defeated by the Ad-Jd of Wydrowski to see him out in third.

Heads Up!

We were now heads up between Wydrowski and Lahkov with the former having a 3-1 chip lead; this meant that heads up didn’t last for too long. It ended when all the chips were in the middle with Wydrowski holding pocket sevens and Lahkov the 7s-6s, with the formers hand holding up.

Wydrowski walked away the champion whilst Lahkov had to make do with the runners up prize of $278,866.

How It Finished!

Marcin Wydrowski – $423,957

Alexandr Lahkov – $278,866

Bodo Sbrzensy – $179,246

Tony Chang – $132,736

Michael Gagliano – $99,506

Alin Grasu – $79,723



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