WPT Rolling Thunder Heads Into Day 2

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The World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder has now reached Day 2 after both of the opening day flights were completed over the weekend. There will be 190 of the original 465 players taking part in Day 2 whilst the one with the largest chip stack at the start of the day is Joe Serock on 261,800.

Take a look at how both Day 1a and Day 1b played out and which players are looking good to make a cash in this event.

Day 1a

The World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder kicked off over in Sacramento with Day 1a attracting a very healthy field of 224, though come the end of the day there were just 88 of those remaining.

Galen Hall finished with the chip lead after amassing 211,100 chips but plenty of other big names managed to do enough to progress too. Jordan Cristos, Maria Ho, Marvin Rettenmaier, Jake Schwartz, JC Tran, Matt Salsberg and Andrew Lichtenberger will all be coming back for Day 2.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Galen Hall – 211,100

2nd) Tony Recchia – 191,900

3rd) David Miscikowski – 189,000

4th) Calvin Anderson – 187,300

5th) Chris Hinchcliffe – 186,400

6th) Kevin Eyster – 179,900

7th) Jordan Cristos – 173,600

8th) Robert Panitch – 167,900

9th) Maria Ho – 165,300

10th) Bryan Campanello – 158,300

Day 1b

Galen Hall only had that lead for a day, however, as Day 2 brought a larger field and three players that managed to beat the chips he amassed on Day 1a. Joe Serock was the player to emerge as the chip leader with 261,800 though he has both Benjamin Zamani and David Forster chasing him down with 238,000 and 231,500 respectively.

There were 241 new registrations for the event on Day 1b bringing the total for the event up to 465. This meant that the prize pool was revealed as $1,488,000 with that amount to be shared among the top 54 finishing players. The winner is set to take home $302,750 though with 190 players still left in the event it is going to be a long way until that winner is revealed.

1st) Joe Serock – 261,800

2nd) Benjamin Zamani – 238,000

3rd) David Forster – 231,500

4th) Noah Vaillancourt – 162,200

5th) Andy Frankenberger – 161,600

6th) Bobby Oboodi – 142,700

7th) Dylan Hortin – 131,200

8th) Mohsin Charania – 123,500

9th) Brian Park – 122,900

10th) Jason Koon – 119,800

The Prize Pool

1st) $302,750

2nd) $200,030

3rd) $127,140

4th) $100,240

5th) $80,130

6th) $60,180

7 – 8th) $41,410

9 – 10th) $30,170

11 – 12th) $22,010

13 – 18th) $16,470

19 – 24th) $12,780

25 – 30th) $10,930

31 – 36th) $9,390

37 – 45th) $8,000

46 – 54th) $6,770