WPT Venice Carnival – Dato Beats Trickett To Title

Poker chips

The World Poker Tour Venice Carnival saw Day 5 completed last night with it finally revealing our latest WPT champion. Andrea Dato started the day with the chip lead over Sam Trickett and the event finished in the same order.

In total, the WPT tourney drew an impressive 144 players to the tables and the final table saw Trickett and adversary Andrea Dato make short work of the other three contestants. Their own personal heads up match would take another route. It appeared as though Trickett had an easy job in front of him with a three to one chip lead. Dato fought back and managed to get almost even when a big pot erupted that put Dato’s tournament life on the line. He held KcQh against the Ac8d of Trickett, making him about a 40% favourite to win the hand. The King on the flop, however, gave him a commanding lead and it was Trickett’s turn to sweat as the board gave him no help on the turn or river.

With the tables turned, Dato looked to seal the deal and the pair got their money in with Dato holding Ah3c and Trickett behind with QdTh. This time, it would be Trickett’s turn to suck out as he caught a miraculous straight on the river and brought the stacks to an almost even point. The critical hand came shortly after on a seemingly innocent Eight-high flop. With both players having an Eight, it was not surprising that the chips went in the middle once again. In a case of kickers, Dato had the better one with the Jd. Trickett failed to match his 8d kicker and the majority of the chips in play were slid in Dato’s direction. The end would come shortly after as Trickett was too shortstacked to make up any ground.

Dato claimed $145,859 for his win after an excellent comeback during heads-up against his British opponent. He started that heads-up session with a 3-1 chip deficit but through both skill and luck he managed to turn that deficit into the chip lead before finishing off his opponent.

The Final Standings

1st) Andrea Dato – $145,859

2nd) Sam Trickett – $91,683

3rd) Maurizio Saieva – $58,343

4th) Mario Vojvoda – $43,063

5th) Alessio Isaia – $33,341

6th) Sotirios Koutoupas – $26,951