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WPT Venice Grand Prix Day 1b– Cimaglia Moves 2nd Overall

shutterstock_116208112Day 1b of the World Poker Tour Venice Grand Prix Main Event was completed last night, with the day seeing 107 players being cut down to 59 joining the 32 survivors from Day 1a into Day 2. This means we have had a total 173 entries bringing us a prize pool of $613,892. There will be 21 players paid with a minimum payout of $6,964 and a maximum of $180,097.

Fernando Cimaglia was the player that found himself with the most chips come the end of Day 1b with 175,000 chips, yet it wasn’t quite enough to put him at the top of the overall rankings as that honour falls to the leader from Day 1a Stephen Behm.

Other names that acquired good stacks on Day 1a included Liv Boeree, Martin Staszko, Giacomo Fundaro and the super aggressive Andrey Pateychuk.

They were the lucky ones however as many names fell to the sword on Day 1b including Phil Hellmuth, Gaelle Baumann and the usually consistent Galen hall.

Phil Hellmuth had made his usual late and fantastical entrance into the event yet couldn’t even last a level on this showing. Hellmuth was wearing a Venetian mask with black cape and found his way to the casino by Gondola, though it was all in vein as Fernando Cimaglia made short work of him.
Hellmuth was put all-in on the turn when the board read 8s-6h-2h-7s with Cimaglia holding the Js-8d and Hellmuth the 8c-5c. This meant Hellmuth was losing to a better kicker and needed help from the river, he didn’t get it as the Qh fell and he was out.

The Overall Top Ten!

Stephen Behm – (188,000)
Fernando Cimaglia – (175,000)
Massimo Mosele – (132,500)
Marvin Rettenmaier – (129,600)
Simone Ferretti – (122,600)
Ludovic Lacay – (118,000)
Quoc Trung Nguyen – (113,800)
Francesco Delfonco – (100,000)
Mike Sexton – (99,000)
Ivan Gabriell – (97,900)

Those players who are currently in the top ten will almost certainly be casting their eyes over the remaining payouts and hoping they can attain the highest one possible. There is still some way to go though, with plenty of time for players to rise or fall. Here are the remaining payouts on offer:

The Payout Structure!

1st – $180,097
2nd – $108,316
3rd – $69,723
4th – $51,585
5th – $38,721
6th – $31,002
7th – $25,831
8th – $20,581
9th – $15,436
10th – 12th – $11,255
13th – 15th – $9,261
16th – 18th – $7,975
19th – 21st – $6,964

Come back tomorrow for the report on Day 2 at the WPT Venice Grand Prix, it is sure to be another cracker.

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