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WPT Venice Grand Prix Day 2 – Lacay Leads Field

shutterstock_123625909Last night saw Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Venice Grand Prix get played out, with the 91 players that had done enough to navigate through either flight of Day 1 be reduced down even further to 36 going into Day 3 later today.

This day’s play was originally supposed to last for six levels but due to the speed that players were being eliminated they decided to finish up with 36 players.

Ludovic Lacay was the man that finished the day as the chip leader after successfully chipping up to 351,400. He is being chased down by a number of players though with Lauri Pesonen hot on his tail with 287,300 and a number of big name players further down the rankings.
Players Sent To The Rail!

Amongst the players that were eliminated today we lost John Eames and Andrey Pateychuk, with both of them obviously disappointed not to have made the money and took home a score in this event.

Players Still Involved!

Despite those departures we still have a handful of big names competing for this title with Mike Sexton, Marvin Rettenmaier, Kara Scott, Matt Salsberg, Liv Boeree, Dan Cates and Martin Staszko doing enough to see themselves into Day 3.

The action on Day 3 will be getting underway a little later today and will see the field cut down to the players who will compete on the final table come this Friday. Can Lacay stay at the top of the field or can one of the big guns such as Marvin Rettenmaier come and lay claim to this title?

The Current Top Ten!

Ludovic Lacay – 351,400
Lauri Pesonen – 287,300
Erion Islamay – 281,200
Steve Behm – 263,800
Guiseppe Pastura – 254,000
Marcello Montagner – 249,000
Mike Sexton – 241,500
Francesco Delfonco – 225,000
Gianluca Speranza – 205,400
Angelo Recchia – 205,000

We will be back with another report of the action, with Day 3 seeing us get right to the business end of this event. If you want a timely update, you know exactly where you need to be tomorrow.

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