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WPT World Championship – Rheem Claims Title

David RheemThe World Poker Tour season has come to an end after the WPT World Championship produced its winner from the original 146 player field. Day 6 saw just the six final players remaining, all intent on securing this prestigious title.

The man that achieved it was the man who has led this event for the prior two days coming into the final days play. Chino Rheem started the day with a hefty lead and managed to navigate past the remaining five players to secure his first title in some time.

He deservedly takes home $1,150,297 for his victory after successfully seeing off Jonathan Roy and Erick Lindgren respectively in the final three.

The Final Table Seating And Chips!

St 1 – Jonathan Roy  -  (1,900,000)

St 2 – David Peters  -  (1,085,000)

St 3 – Erick Lindgren  -  (3,355,000)

St 4 – Brandon Steven  -  (1,210,000)

St 5 – Matt Hyman  -  (1,560,000)

St 6 – Chino Rheem  -  (5,495,000)

As you can see he held the lead coming into the day with almost double that of his closest competitor.

He would have hoped for a quick elimination or two once the event started and he wasn’t disappointed. David peters went first after just 14 hands, though he was the table short stack at the time. He pushed all in on a flop of Js-6s-2s when holding the pocket tens and was called by the Jd-9d of Jonathan Roy and didn’t see any of his outs arrive.

We then had quite a wait until the next elimination, but when it did come it was another of the short stacks Brand Steven who fell. Again the player to be eliminated was holding the pocket tens, though this one pushed all-in pre-flop. He was called again by Roy who was holding the Ah-4h and would have hoped that this time the tens would hold. The board fell as the Ad-5s-3s-5c-4s though to send him packing in 5th place.

Roy then made it a hat trick of eliminations as Matt Hyman went over the top with an all-in holding the Kc-Kh. He would have been devastated to see Roy call with the Ad-As, whilst the board didn’t help him either.

Despite knocking out half of the table it would be Roy to go next. He flopped a set of eights when holding the pocket pair and thought he was a sure thing to win the pot. However, he couldn’t push Rheem off of his Ad-10d on the flop and turn of the Kd-10c-8d-Qh and was sent home after the river brought the 3d.

This left us heads up between Rheem and Lindgren and the session lasted quite a while before we had a winner. He eventually saw off his opponent after 100 hands when he pushed all-in with the Kd-9c and earned a call from Lindgren and his Qd-9d. The board didn’t improve anyone as it fell the Ac-Jc-4h-3h-8s and we had our new winner.

The Final Standings!

1st Place – Chino Rheem  -  ($1,150,297)

2nd Place – Erick Lindgren  -  ($650,275)

3rd Place – Jonathan Roy  -  ($421,800)

4th Place – Matt Hyman  -  ($289,988)

5th Place – Brandon Steven  -  ($223,203)

6th place – David Peters  -  ($173,993)

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