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WPT World Championship Schedule

blue numbers calendarWith the European Poker Tour seeing the end of its ninth season today, the World Poker Tour is also coming near to the end of their very own season with there being just the World Poker Tour World Championship to go.

The event has been going on in the background for the last few days with some of the smaller events being played, yet it is the latter stages of this tournament series that will interest the bigger poker players worldwide.

The WPT World Championship Main Event kicks off on the 18th of May and is a $25,000 + $500 buy-in affair which will run right through until the 24th which is just when we will know the winner. This event represents the last Main Event of the tour for this season and will be on the wishlist for many of the registrants.

The other big event of note is the Super High Roller which requires a big $100k to enter and will run from the 21st of May until the 23rd.

Each of those events will attract the biggest players in world poker, with each of them looking at this as a last chance to win a title until the WSOP starts up. The players will now have somewhat of a small breakthrough, which many will obviously welcome after travelling the globe all season. Of course there will be some that will not want a break and would rather be plying their trade.

The WPT World Championship Schedule!

Tues May 14th – Event #10 NLHE – ($1,500 + $90)

Wed May 15th – Event #11 NLHE – ($5,000 + $180)

Thurs May 16th – Event #12 Super Satellite – NLHE ($2,500 + $120)

Fri May 17th – Event #13 Super Satellite – NLHE ($2,500 + $120)

Sat May 18th – Event #14 WPT World Championship – ($25,000 + $500)

Sun May 19th – Day 2

Monday May 20th – Day 3

Monday – May 20th Event #15 NLHE – ($5,000 +$180)

Tuesday – May 21st – Day 4

Tuesday – May 21st – WPT Super High Roller – ($100,000)

Wed May 22nd – Day 5

Wed May 22nd – WPT Super High Roller Day 2

Thurs May 23rd – Day 6

Thurs May 23rd – WPT TV Final Table Super High Roller

Fri May 24th – WPT Championship TV Final Table

We will follow the two big events from start to finish so that you are all kept well informed on just what goes down in each one. So make sure you bookmark us so that you know exactly where to come.

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