WSOP APAC High Roller Day 2 – Gruissem Claims Title


shutterstock_20071186The second and final day of the World Series Of Poker Asia Pacific High Roller Event was completed a little while ago as the eleven of the original forty five coming back to play until a winner was decided.
Though this event doesn’t award a bracelet it is a still an event that the top pros want to win simply due to the large buy-in.

The player that did eventually manage to take home the AU$825,000 first place prize was Philipp Gruissem after he managed to claw back the massive 5-1 advantage his opponent Joseph Cheong had when the session started and then go and win the event.

Once he did manage to claw it all back, the chip lead swapped on a number of occasions before he was able to chip away at his opponent before the final hand decided the champion. Cheong was as graceful in defeat as you would expect from the likeable pro, offering his congratulations despite being obviously disappointed to have missed out on first place.


The final hand occurred when all of the chips found their way into the middle when Cheong was holding the pocket sevens and Gruissem the Qd-Jd. Cheong was in front but was immediately put on the back foot when the flop fell as the 4d-Qh-6s.
This meant that Gruissem just had to avoid another seven to be crowned the champion. He did just that as the 6d and 4s fell to send him deliriously happy.
Players Eliminated Along The Way!
As with any High Roller Event the calibre of players was very high with names like Marvin Rettenmaier, Joe Hachem and Jonathan Duhamel just missing out on any pay as they were eliminated throughout the day.

How It Finished!

1st – Philipp Gruissem – $825,000
2nd – Joseph Cheong – $511,000
3rd – Paul Phua – $325,000
4th – Lo Shing Fung – $225,000
5th – Elton Tsang – $155,000
6th – Tom Hall – $115,000

With the conclusion of this event it means that the World Series Of Poker Asia Pacific has almost come to an end in its first year of conception. In a busy day at the series we had this event, the Main Event and of course the Caesars Cup all played out, though the Main Event still has one day of action left to go.
It is fair to say that the series has been a resounding success in its first year, meaning we now have another excellent poker event to look forward to each year.

Nancy Morgan
Nancy Morgan

Wow!! I was waiting for the result and I am so happy that Philipp Gruissem won. I really like him. Thanks for posting about the result.