WSOP APAC Main Event – Negreanu Claims Fifth Bracelet

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$25K Bounty Shootout_Day1 _Joe Giron

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$25K Bounty Shootout_Day1 _Joe GironThe first ever World Series Of Poker Asia Pacific has just now come to an end after the Main Event saw its final table played out until the winner Daniel Negreanu was revealed. He has now claimed his fifth WSOP bracelet, with it being his first for quite some time.


Seating And Chip Counts At The Start Of The Day!

Seat 1 – Daniel Marton – (2,160,000)
Seat 2 – George Tsatsis – (2,321,000)
Seat 3 – Mikel Habb – (551,000)
Seat 4 – Benny Spindler – (2,931,000)
Seat 5 – Winfred Yu – (367,000)
Seat 6 – Russell Thomas – (490,000)
Seat 7 – Kahle Burns – (905,000)
Seat 8 – Daniel Negreanu – (2,437,000)

As the day started it was a table of two halves with half of them looking like they would struggle and the other half looking like the winner would come from one of them.
It did almost go to form after one of the short stacks in Russell Thomas was the first to go, the November Niner losing out when all his chips went into the middle with the As-Td and was called by the Ah-Js of George Tsatsis. Neither player improved on the board and Thomas was sent home due to his weaker kicker.
We then lost two players in quick succession after Mikel Habb first went in 7th place after losing a coin flip with his pocket tens against the Ah-Qh of Winfred Yu. Then the very next hand saw the chip leader coming into the day Benny Spindler fall rather unfortunately when a pre-flop all-in with the Ad-Td was cracked by the Kd-Js of Kahle Burns.

Burns was actually the next player heading for the exit signs after Negreanu saw him off when holding the Ad-Ks and calling his opponents all in. Kahle had the Qs-Jd and saw no joy from the board.
Around fifty hands later we were down to just four remaining when Negreanu showed the kind of run that is sometimes needed if you are going to win a major event. He was holding the Ah-Qh whilst Tsatsis had the Jh-9h, with both of them reaching the flop which came down as the Qs-Js-Jd.
After a raise and call, the turn came down as the 4d prompting Tsatsis to raise again with this leading to Negreanu pushing all in. He would have been shocked to see that his opponent had flopped trips, yet that feeling of shock changed to ecstasy after the river fell as the Qd to hand him the pot and eliminate his opponent.


We were now just three handed with Negreanu holding a massive chip advantage over his opponents.
Things were about to get even better as Negreanu flopped a flush when holding the Js-9s after calling the all-in of around a million chips when his opponent Winfred Yu held the Ad-Kh. The board fell as the 2s-8s-As. The Ts and Td just compounded things for Yu though he will be happy enough with the $425,225 he received for third place.


Heads up saw Negreanu have to suffer a few little setbacks before he finally put the last nail in the coffin of runner up Daniel Marton. Negreanu re-raised all in when he was holding pocket deuces and his opponent the As-7s.
His opponent missed everything on the board of 6d-Js-Kh-Th-4d which led to the room breaking out in a round of applause for Negreanu’s triumph at claiming the $1,038,825 and his fifth World Series Of Poker Bracelet.

The Final Standings!

Daniel Negreanu – $1,038,825
Daniel Marton – $637,911
George Tsatsis – $423,225
Winfred Yu – $284,715
Kahle Burns – $201,994
Benny Spindler – $146,205
Mikel Habb – $107,730
Russell Thomas – $82,721