WSOP Asia-Pacific: Scott Clements Overall Chip Leader

stacks of chips

For a brief period of time, Day 1b and Day 1c overlapped at the 2014 World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific, with poker professionals competing in both flights. In the opening day, a total of 197 players bought in, with the number surged to 227 the following day and an additional 187 players participated today. Out of a total field of 611 entries, less than 100 are still alive and the pack is dominated by Scott Clements.

He finished as chip leader at the end of Day 1a and nobody came even remotely close of challenging him for the lead. The closest rival is Dan Heimiller who accumulated in excess of 50,000 chips throughout Day 1b and he will need to shift into an aggressive gear, to close the gap. Only 33 players survived from those who challenged him yesterday, while today 31 players advanced to the next stage, led by Peter Longmore.

Compared to the other chip leaders, he can only brag about 43,875 an amount that is high enough to ensure placement among the top five most successful players. He started Day 1c relatively slow and struggled at the middle of the pack, but got lucky in the final hands of Level 7. Peter was dealt pocket Queens, while an opponent got jacks and following a couple of aggressive plays, the two competitors committed their entire stacks.

Longmore emerged victorious and greatly enhance the size of his stack, but there are plenty of hands left to be played at the 2014 World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific and anything can happen. Among the poker pros who were hoping to make a deep run in this competition, Daniel Negreanu, Ami Barer, Jeff Gross, Phil Hellmuth, Jonathan Duhamel, Ryan Riess and George Danzer were eliminated.

Jeff Gross can consider himself unlucky for playing his hand brilliantly and being favorite to win the pot, with A-J over Q-J. He did all the right things and lured his opponent into a trap, but it all went downhill on the turn when a Queen was dealt. By comparison, Phil Hellmuth bled chips at a steady pace and when he lost the last part of his stack, nobody was surprised. Brandon Shack-Harris is still alive and kicking but he’ll need to work his magic tomorrow, as he only has 7000 chips to his name.

A few poker pros survive and both Mike Watson and Thomas Gleeson have a decent stack to bring back to the tables tomorrow. They will be joined by professionals and amateurs who qualified from the previous two flights this Saturday at 12:30 local time.

Check out the top 10 players at the beginning of Day 1c:

  1. Scott Clements – 76,575
  2. Dan Heimiller – 50,700
  3. Piyush Gupta – 47,500
  4. David Bowen – 45,325
  5. Peter Longmore – 43,875
  6. Daniel Levy – 40,500
  7. Minh Nguyen – 39,450
  8. Luke Brabin – 38,500
  9. Marko Piper – 36,825
  10. Mace Turco – 36,675