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WSOP Circuit River Rock Day 1a – Overdijk In Control

WSOP Circuit River Rock Day 1a – Overdijk In Control

The WSOP has touched down in Canada for the very first time with the River Rock breaking new ground. The event being held at the River Rock Casino managed to attract a very healthy 294 players into the first of three flights of Day 1 with many more expected for Day 1b and Day 1c.

By the end of the night however, we were down to just 59 player who has survived the day with the biggest stack of all of them belonging to Norman Overdijk with a total of 242,000 chips. Not too far behind him was both John Cracic holding 231,000 and Sean Hwang who had amassed 207,700.

Sean Hwang managed to build a massive portion of his stack when he won a pot of 100k against Jason Koon. His opponent was the first to bet, after putting 1,300 into the middle of which Hwang re-raised to 3,100.

Koon decided to re-raise again to 7,100 of which Hwang this time just called. The flop fell as Kc-10h-8d which led to push all of his remaining chips into the middle to the tune of 24,500. Hwang called holding an open ended straight with the Jd-9c whilst Koon held the Ac-Qd.

The turn of the 3s was of no help to Hwang but the river of the 7d certainly was, it brought him the straight he needed and eliminated his opponent and awarded him a big chips stack. In fact at that point he was the chip leader; however it wasn’t long before Overdijk overtook him.

Notables Going Into Day 2!

Though they might not be at the top end of the leader board, there are certainly some big names heading into Day 2. There is Ashkan Ravazi, Paul Nguyen, Cary Marshall, Braden J.Hall, Moah Vaillancourt, Matt Jarvis, Scott Stanko and Tyler Lee all with a good chances of making something of this event.

We also lost some big names too though, such as Matt Affleck, Adam Levy, Huy Hguyen, Amit Makhaia, Doug Lee and Scott Clements. Each of these still have a chance though as this event allows re-buys on each of the first flights of Day 1. So they should be back on Day 1b to have another shot, and possibly again on Day 1c if they again fail on Day 1b.

Current Top Ten:

1 Norman Overdijk 242,000

2 John Cracic 231,700

3 Sean Hwang 207,700

4 Cary Marshall 204,000

5 Tyler Patterson 187,400

6 Richards Jung 185,700

7 Yan Ho Lee 177,800

8 Clark Hofiyagami 176,000

9 Noah Vaillancourt 172,100

10 Alex Cordero 171,200





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