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WSOP Circuit River Rock Main Event Day 1b

WSOP Circuit River Rock Main Event Day 1b

Just a couple of hours ago we saw the end of the second flight of Day 1 at the World Series Of Poker Circuit River Rock Main Event, where there was a massive field of 352 that sat down to take part. This has brought a total of 646 players have entered so far with still one last flight of Day 1 to go tomorrow.

Hoever, by the end of Day 1b that field of 352 was reduced right down to 87 players going through into Day 2 along with the survivors from Day 1a.

The player who finished the day as the chip leader was JingJing Liu who had amassed a total of 266,000 by the end of play. She managed to hit the top spot in the very last level of play as there was a host of playing vying for the lead. The hand that finally put her top occurred when a short stack decided to push all in holding an A-10 for around 9k in chips.

It folded all the way around to the small blind that went all in to the tune of a further 40k whilst holding pocket eights. Liu would have loved this action considering she was holding pocket kings, she called and her hand held out.

Mueller Looking In Good Shape!

Double WSOP bracelet winner Greg Mueller finished the day as one of the bigger stacks despite entering late in the day. As soon as he sat down however, it was onwards and upwards at a fantastic rate.

One such hand involved him three betting to 3,500 after an initial raise by the player in the hijack position. That player called his bet and the flop came out as Ah-8s-Qs, they both checked and the turn card was the 9d. His opponent made a bet of 4k of which Mueller called after a little thinking time, this brought a river of 8c.

His opponent again bet out with 8k, Mueller again called and found himself the winner holding pocket jacks against his opponents pocket tens. He finished the day with 180,300 chips and is in a good position to now make a challenge for the title.

Notable Names That Were Eliminated!

We lost some rather big names during Day 1b with some players being eliminated for the second day I a row such as Matt Affleck, Jason Kroon, Scott Clements and Robert Cheung.

Top Ten Chipstacks From Day 1b:

Jingjing Liu 266,000

Cameron Winship 212,000

Trevor Martin 183,300

Greg Mueller 180,300

Matthew Levine 179,700

Edmund Liu 173,500

Paul Dhaliwal 172,700

Jamil Kanji 167,900

Azad Ismael 165,300

Michael Scott 150,700




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