WSOP Day 21 – 6 Events, 2 New Double Winners

WSOP chips

Three weeks down at the 2014 World Series of Poker means we are now at the halfway stage of proceedings and the action so far has been at the levels we always expected it to be. There were another six events playing out in the series yesterday and they delivered us two winners of bracelets and both of them making it two in their careers thus far.

Read on to see what that action brought us.

Event #31 – $1.5k NLHE Day 3 Shaffer Gets 2nd Bracelet

We have had a large number of fresh winners at this year’s World Series of Poker but Day 21 has finally brought us a couple players that have gone from one bracelet to two. Brett Shaffer came into Day 3 of this event 3rd in chips but managed to turn that stack into the winning one after eventually seeing off RJ Sullivan into second place. Shaffer took home $418,435 for his efforts and of course that 2nd career bracelet.

The Final Standings

1st) Brett Shaffer – $418,435

2nd) RJ Sullivan – $258,695

3rd) Matt Stout – $170,247

4th) Peter Gould – $122,731

5th) Aleksandr Gofman – $89,835

6th) Robert Schmidt – $66,176

7th) Rob Wazwaz – $50,246

8th) Jim Jakobsen – $39,356

9th) Jason Vanstrom – $29,658

10th) Steven McNally – $23,317

Event #32 – $10k 6-Handed NLHE Championship Day 3 – Cada Scoops Second Bracelet

Joe Cada had recently just blogged about how it’s been five years since he took down the World Series of Poker Main Event and how he felt it was about time he won a second bracelet and he has actually gone and done it.

He beat out the last 15 players of the event and then finally defeated Jeremy Ausmus to claim the bracelet and first place payout of $670,041.

The Final Standings

1st) Joe Cada – $670,041

2nd) Jeremy Ausmus – $414,104

3rd) Max Silver – $273,646

4th) JC Tran – $185,971

5th) Erick Lindgren – $129,192

6th) Dario Sammartino – $91,670

7th) Martin Jacobson – $66,382

8th) Kyle White – $66,382

9th) George Danzer – $49,061

10th) Hiren Patel – $49,061

Event #33 -$1k NLHE Day 2 Bivens Leads Final Ten

The bracelet flurry ended there for the day unfortunately but we did see the final table almost reached in this event. Will Givens finished the day ahead of the final table with 1,217,000 after the 119 players that began the day were condensed down to just the ten that will return to the felt for one last time.

The Current Standings

1st) Will Givens – 1,217,000

2nd) Steven Norden – 910,000

3rd) Dutch Boyd – 812,000

4th) Paul Cogliano – 576,000

5th) Vinny Pahuja – 461,000

6th) David Olmsted – 251,000

7th) Chad Dixon – 240,000

8th) Gabriel Nassif – 231,000

9th) Pok Kim – 194,000

10th) Christopher Sensoli – 156,000

Event #34 – $1.5k 7 Card Stud Day 2 – Denislov Leads Remaining 6

This event has brought us down to the final table of 6 with Aleksandr Denisov leading with an impressive chip count of 668,000. He leads the likes of Bryn Kenney and Alex Kravchenko who are hugely notable players on the table that are more than capable of clawing him back in.

The Current Standings

1st) Aleksandr Denisov – 668,000

2nd) William Thompson – 415,000

3rd) Bryn Kenney – 165,000

4th) Eric Buchman – 164,000

5th) Alex Kravchenko – 104,000

6th) Nabih Helmi – 36,000

Event #35 – $5k 8-Handed NLHE Day 1 – Trickett Starts Strongest

Event 35 was the first of two new events on Day 21 of the WSOP and it brought 481 players into the fold that were bracelet hunting. Once ten levels of an hour apiece were completed however, there were just 170 them still in with a chance and Sam Trickett sat in the best position of all of them with 172,000.

The Current Standings

1st) Sam Trickett – 172,000

2nd) Dan Smith – 144,000

3rd) Steven Kerr – 122,900

4th) Fred Kulikowski – 122,500

5th) Noah Vaillancourt – 119,000

6th) Josh Bergman – 118,300

7th) Fhima David – 115,000

8th) Jeff Madsen – 114,500

9th) Chris Tryba – 111,900

10th) Matt Davenport – 110,500

Event #36 – $1.5k NLHE 2-7 Draw Lowball Day 1 – Rast Leads

The final event of the day also started up for the first time on Day 21 and it attracted a healthy field of 241 players that were quickly cut down into the 38 that will be going into Day 2. Brian Rast finds himself at the top of the chip counts with 62,950 but he will know that it is still very early days just yet.

The Current Standings

1st) Brian Rast – 62,950

2nd) Joseph Cheong – 54,475

3rd) Samuel Touil – 50,525

4th) Scott Blackman – 50,000

5th) Bryce Yockey – 49,625

6th) Christopher Mecklin – 48,175

7th) Max Kruse – 48,075

8th) Ali Eslami – 43,700

9th) Chris Viox – 42,650

10th) Steven Wolansky – 42,475