WSOP Event #1 – Holloway Claims Employees Bracelet

Chad Holloway in WSOP

Chad Holloway in WSOPThe very first event at the 2013 World Series of Poker has now come to an end after Chad Holloway took down Event #1 which was the $500 Casino Employees NLHE. For his victory he took home a bracelet and $84,915, which easily dwarfs his previous best cash in a poker tournament of $3,719.

The poker writer was up against various other behind the scenes guys at the WSOP as this event was not one for the professionals but the usual event opener.

As Day 2 had started there were 55 of the original 898 that took part taking to their seats once more, hoping to do enough to increase the winnings that they had already earned. The man leading at the start of play was Michael Trivett, though his day wasn’t to go totally to plan.

After plenty of eliminations and high class poker, the final table was created, though it really didn’t take too long for it to be reduced even further as Trivett was eliminated.

He was actually eliminated by eventual winner Holloway in a big pot that saw all of the chips in the middle pre-flop with Trivett holding the Kh-Js and Holloway the Ah-8s. The board fell as the A-7d-2s-7h-Ks to send the former chip leader to the rail.

We then lost a flurry of other players before we found ourselves down to the final five. Things started to slow down from here and we actually had to wait some time before we saw the next player hit the rail.

It was Daniel Ellery that went out in fifth position after his opponent Brian Pingel made a flush on the river. As is often the case, the man who claimed the last scalp was the next to go as he chased another flush against Bobby Rooney but couldn’t quite make it this time.

We now had just three remaining, which was the case for the next whole hour as each player exchanged chips back and forth. Eventually someone had to give and it was Bobby Rooney who was the unfortunate one. His pocket tens were outdrawn by the Ad-10s of Allan Kwong and we were now heads up.

This session also lasted a good hour before we had our winner, with the final hand coming when the chips went into the middle on the flop of 5c-Qs-Qd. It was Kwong that had pushed all-in holding the Ad-Kh and will probably wish he didn’t when Holloway called with the Q-9.

The 10h and 2d followed on the turn and river to cement the win for Holloway.

How It Finished!

1st Place – Chad Holloway – $84,915

2nd Place – Allan Kwong – $52,318

3rd Place – Bobby Rooney – $33,903

4th Place – Brian Pingel – $424,811

5th Place – Daniel Ellery – $18,426

6th Place – Sean Small – $13,868

7th Place – Tyrone Smith – $10,567

8th Place – Michael Trivett – $8,146

9th Place – Hieu Le – $6,348

10th Place – Vincent Petrino – $5,010

With this event now in the bag, there are two more currently ongoing whilst another two will be starting up today. To keep up to date with all of the events at the WSOP, you have to look no further than us for full reports on each event.