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WSOP Event 1 – Trivett Leading Casino Employees

WSOP Employees' EventThe day the poker world has been waiting for has finally arrived; the WSOP is underway with its first two events on the opening day. The $500 Casino Employees NLHE event is the customary way the WSOP starts, with employees given a chance at not only winning some decent money but also a WSOP bracelet.

This event is the first of 62 that will be taking place this year at the World Series of Poker and though it doesn’t include any of the world famous poker names that you are used to, it still provides entertainment for the people that work so hard behind the scenes of the poker world.

It is Michael Trivett who has the lead right now with a stack of 133,900 chips, putting him a good 30k ahead of Sean Small in second place.

This event attracted 898 players in total, which created a prize pool of $404,100, meaning that the winner will be taking home $84,915. By the end of the day though, that number of players had been dramatically whittled down to just 55.

The action will get back underway in the Amazon Room at the Rio today at 1pm local time and play right down until a winner has been revealed.

The Current Top Ten!

Michael Trivett – 133,900

Sean Small – 103,700

Chad Holloway – 99,400

Wyatt Gibson – 96,900

Kevin Weathers – 91,300

Tyrone Smith – 72,000

Sergio Gonzalez – 67,400

Frank Coccia – 32,700

Doralee Rae – 27,000

Those 55 will now be keeping a close eye on what they could win when they return a little later on tonight, though the promise of a bracelet must be the best incentive to achieving a win here. Below is what the remaining players will be able to win, with each of them guaranteed to at least triple their money.

The Remaining Prize Pool!

1st Place – $84,915

2nd Place – $52,318

3rd Place – $33,903

4th Place – $24,811

5th Place – $18,426

6th Place – $13,868

7th Place – $10,567

8th Place – $8,146

9th Place – $6,348

10th – 12th Place – $5,010

13th – 15th Place – $4,028

16th – 18th Place – $3,236

19th – 27th Place – $2,650

28th – 36th Place – $2,222

37th – 45th Place – $1,858

46th – 55th Place – $1,567

Catch us tomorrow as we bring you Day 2 and the winner of the first bracelet at the 2013 World Series of Poker.

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