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WSOP Event #49 – Barny Boatman Does It For Britain

Barny Boatman Wins Event #49

Barny Boatman

A busy Saturday night in Las Vegas is coming to an end after three more winners have been announced. One of those winners came from Event #49 in which Britain’s Barny Boatman finally ended his search for a first World Series Of Poker bracelet after coming out on top of the final twenty one players on Day 3.

The $1.5k No-Limit Hold’em event originally had 2,247 registrants on Day 1 but had been cut down to 21 after two previous days of action and would now have to be reduced to just the winner on Day 3.

It didn’t take too long before that final table of nine was made after the eliminations came thick and fast after the first was Kevin MacPhee. Once that nine was set, Boatman was sitting with an average stack as you can see below.

The Final Table Seating And Chip Counts!

St1) Taras Kripps – 990,000

St2) Aditya Prasetyo – 800,000

St3) Brian O’Donoghue – 1,755,000

St4) Noah Sandler – 1,555,000

St5) Roger Lussier – 480,000

St6) Van Tran     435,000

St7) Robin Ylitalo – 1,465,000

St8) Barny Boatman – 1,055,000

St9) Paul Dasilva – 1,585,000

It was when there were just seven players remaining that Boatman started to really get involved in the thick of the action. First he eliminated Paul Dasilva in 7th place, then Robin Ylitalo in 6th and then made it a hat trick when he disposed of Aditya Prasetyo in 5th place.

That would be it for his claimed scalps; that is until he got to heads-up at least. His opponent was Brian O’Donaghue who had an almost identical chip count to Boatman when the session started. This would stay that way for quite some time before a huge hand saw all of the chips go into the middle pre-flop.

Boatman was holding pocket tens whilst his opponent had the suited As-Ks. The board fell as the 10h-2h-Qh-5d-7s and Boatman and his supporters erupted in jubilation at his first ever World Series of Poker bracelet.

How It Finished!

1st) Barny Boatman – $546,080

2nd) Brian O’Donaghue – $338,745

3rd) Van Tran – $239,339

4th) Taras Kripps                – $172,087

5th) Aditya Prasetyo – $125,372

6th) Robin Ylitalo – $92,550

7th) Paul Dasilva – $69,192

8th) Noah Sandler – $52,387

9th) Roger Lussier – $40,162

10th) Michael Quick – $31,153

It was a superb result for Boatman, one that he will never forget and will possibly add to in the near future.



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