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WSOP Event #51 Day 2: Shana Matthews Leads The Ladies

Seniors No-Limit Hold'em ChampionshipShana Matthews finished Day 1 with the fifth largest stack and greatly improved her position today when she emerged as the chip leader for the final table. The field of the remaining 122 players was quickly reduced to 27 and three unofficial final tables were created, with Chris Priday still leading the pack. She was the chip leader after day one and although Shana overtook her in the final hands, she only has a tiny deficit to overcome and the blinds are already 4000/8000 high.

Five players were bound to leave the event before the bubble burst but none of the remaining poker pros had to go through this disheartening experience. Jackie Glazier was the first to fall in the 83rd place and received a consolation prize of $1923 and this time she went out quietly without even announcing her elimination on Twitter. One day ago, her fans learned about her success via Twitter, and had high expectations for the Australian poker pro:

Liv Boeree lasted for a couple of hours, but eventually she was eliminated in the 54th place with Daniel Anderson joining her soon after. Arguably the best performance of all remaining poker professionals was the one of Barbara Enright, who made the final 27 but won’t return for Day 3. She is the only woman to feature in the Poker Hall of Fame and so far she is the only one who can brag about making the final table at the main WSOP event.

The final table will consist of 9 players and they will return tomorrow at 1 PM PST to make the decisive push for a World Series of Poker bracelet and the main prize of $173,000. Only five of them were among the ten best placed ladies at the end of Day 1, with the other four building their stacks in the second day:

  1. Shana Matthews – 497,000
  2. Chris Priday – 455,000
  3. Eleanor Gudger – 398,000
  4. Connie Bruce  – 360,000
  5. Kristen Bicknell – 316,000
  6. Amanda Baker – 277,000
  7. Leanne Haas – 272,000
  8. Julie Monsacre – 188,000
  9. Cindy Kerslake – 100,000

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