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WSOP Event #62 Day 5 – Rustom On Top With 68 Remaining

Sami Rustom

Sami Rustom on top with 68 remaining

The action is really starting to get juicy now at the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event after Day 5 has left us with just 68 of the 239 players that began the day. Those 68 are now in with a great chance of possibly making the final table and some huge amounts of money in the process.

Sami Rustom finds himself in the very best position possible after finishing the day with the chip lead with his stack of 7,005,000 chips, though he is only just edging it from Marc McLoughlin in second place with 6,695,000.

The top ten is still filled with players that are of the rather unknown variety apart from Ryan Reiss, though there are some much bigger names still scattered throughout the field. Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Jackie Glazier, David Benefield, Noah Schwartz, JC Tran, Carlos Mortensen, Vladimir Geshkenbein and Benjamin Pollak are the biggest of them and are all still more than capable of having one last push towards that final table.


The Current Top Ten!

Sami Rustom – 7,005,000

Marc McLaughlin – 6,695,000

Jason Mann – 6,580,000

Maxx Coleman – 6,260,000

George Wong – 5,740,000

Sylvain Loosli – 5,690,000

Ryan Riess – 5,570,000

Keanu Tabali – 5,435,000

Matthew Reed – 5,255,000

Chris Lindh – 4,070,000

Each of the players will already know that they are going to be finishing with a payout of at least $102,102, which is ten times their buy-ins, yet none of them will be satisfied with that just yet as they attempt to make the really big money on that final table.

Join us for the report on Day 6 which will be kicking off later on today, with the field again set to be shortened as we get ever closer to that illustrious final table.

The Remaining Payouts!

1st – $8,359,531

2nd – $5,173,170

3rd – $3,727,023

4th – $2,791,982

5th – $2,106,526

6th – $1,600,792

7th – $1,225,224

8th – $944,593

9th – $733,224

10th – 12th – $573,204

13th – 15th – $451,398

16th – 18th – $357,665

19th – 27th – $285,408

28th – 36th – $229,281

37th – 45th – $185,694

46th – 54th – $151,063

55th – 63rd – $123,597

64th – 68th – $102,102

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