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WSOP IP Biloxi Day 1 Barger Emerges As Early Leader

WSOP IP Biloxi Day 1 Barger Emerges As Early Leader

On a busy weekend of tournaments, the World Series Of Poker Circuit IP Biloxi got underway, with 296 players registering for the tournament which was split into 2 different flights. 192 players took part in the first flight on Saturday whilst there were 104 in the second flight on Sunday.

We have now been left with just 88 players left that will be going into Day 2 with James Barger appearing as the early chip leader. The first flight saw 59 players advancing to Day 2 whilst there would be 29 joining them from yesterday’s second flight.

Barger managed to amass a total of 228,100 chips whilst his closest rivals were Jerry Ard with 196,500, Charles Moore was in third place with 184,000 and Brad Johnson wasn’t too far away with 164,000.

Some of the other notable names that would be joining them on Day 2 included Tyler Smith, John Dolan, Ryan Tepen, Ben Mintz and Jacob Bazely. All of which will be holding ambitions of making it to the money places and taking a seat at the final table.

Who Hit The Rail

We lost a large selection of players throughout Day 1, but the most notable ones would have to be Daniel Lowry, Ashley Butler, David Diaz, Robert Salaburu and Jacob Naquin. Many players even busted out on the first flight and then bought back into the tournament for the second flight and then busted again…an expensive weekend for those players.

One of the best hands of the day involved Cartwright and Clinkscales, with the latter opening the hand from a middle position. He bet 2,100 where Cartwright made the call from the big blind. The flop came out J,4,5 and both players checked to see the turn for free. It came out as a Q and yet again both players decided to check their hands, on the river the 8 fell.

Cartwright bet out with 2,700 of which Clinkscales raised it up to 12,700, Cartwright folded a two pair, and rightly so as Clinkscales showed a straight that he rivered.

Last year’s winner of this event was busted out late in the second flight; Jerry Monroe managed to win last year; however Pilgrim made sure that wasn’t going to happen again this year. After they both got to the flop of Qd, 8s, 4s Monroe decided to push all in and Pilgrim was quick to make the call.

Monroe thought he was ahead after holding a Kc,Qc which gave him top pair, though Pilgrim had done well to hide the fact that he was holding pocket aces. Both the turn and river did no favours for Monroe and he busted out.



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