WSOP Main Event Episodes 9 & 10 (vids)

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Yesterday saw the next two episodes of the World Series of Poker Main Event coverage aired over on ESPN as the action continued to see the event work its way down towards the final table of nine. The day began with 44 players all looking to make their dreams come true and make it to the prestigious WSOP Main Event final table and finished with 27 of them still having a chance at achieving that dream.

The action continued on from the two episodes that we aired last week, with the action currently on Day 6, which is the penultimate day of the event.

The episodes began with Martin Jacobson leading the chip counts with a stack of 7,400,000 whilst he had the likes of Kyle Keranen , Mark Newhouse and Dong Guo chasing him down in the top ten. Come the end of the two episodes however, there were some significant changes after a number of players had been eliminated.

The Top Ten at the Start of Episode 9

1st) Martin Jacobson – 10,855,000

2nd) Daniel Sindelar – 10,250,000

3rd) Kyle Keranen – 9,580,000

4th) Craig mcCorkall – 9,380,000

5th) Peter Placey – 8,100,000

6th) Matthew Haugn – 8,005,000

7th) Andoni Larrabe – 7,970,000

8th) Dong Guo – 7,295,000

9th) Bruno Politano – 7,090,000

10th) Mark Newhouse – 6,910,000

With the promise of a final table appearance on offer for the best of the remaining players, you can see that the tension levels are rising among them all. This is only set to increase throughout the episodes, so make sure you come back for the next around this time next week.

Each of the two episodes will take about 45 minutes for you to watch them fully but they are certainly worth it with the high level of poker action that can be found within them. You can always bookmark the page and come back to watch the second episode, so it’s not a big problem.

The steady action throughout the two episodes has now left us with just 27 players remaining with just another 18 more to be eliminated before the final table is reached. It’s a marvelous achievement for each of the players that have made it as far as they have and now they just need to try and stretch that out to really start reaching the big money in the event.

The Chip Counts at End of Episode 10

1st) Martin Jacobson – 22,335,000

2nd) Luis Velador – 16,600,000

3rd) Daniel Sindelar – 16,345,000

4th) Billy Pappas – 15,640,000

5th) Andoni larrabe – 15,280,000

6th) Bruno Politano – 11,625,000

7th) Dan Smith – 10,335,000

8th) Craig McCorkell – 8,765,000

9th) Felix Stephensen – 7,740,000

10th) Andrey Zaichenko – 7,335,000