WSOP Main Event: Farber and Riess Heads Up For Bracelet

Final Two: Ryan Reiss & Jay Farber

Today finally came, the day where the November Nine would finally see their World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table kick back into action. After the day and 171 hands had been completed we were down to the two players that have the sort of chance that thousands of other players can only dream of as they will now play until one of them is the 2013 WSOP Champion.

One of them will be going home with the title, bracelet and $8,361,570 whilst the other will have to settle with just $5,174,357. It must be great knowing that you are at least $5 million richer when going to bed.

Heads Up Chip Counts

Jay Farber – 105,000,000

Ryan Riess – 85,675,000

How The Rest Fell

We know who made it into the final two but what happened to the rest of the table? Read on and you will learn exactly who fell where and what they took home.

3rd) Amir Lehavot – $3,727,823

Amir Lehavot came into the final table with the second largest chip count behind JC Tran and performed well throughout to survive until the final three. He perhaps would have dreamed of a better finish to the WSOP, but should be more than content with his payout of $3,727,823 after losing with his pocket sevens against the pocket tens of Ryan Riess.

4th) Sylvain Loosli – $2,792,533

Sylvain Loosli started the day sixth in chips so will certainly be content with his level of performance after eventually falling in 4th place for $2,792,533. His event came to an end on the 170th hand of the session when he pushed all-in with the Qh-7c. Ryan Riess was again the player to claim the scalp when he called with the Ac-10h and saw the board fall as the 9h-Ks-8h-9c-Ad.

5th) JC Tran – $2,106,893

JC Tran was many people’s favourites for the WSOP Main Event title especially after starting the day with the chip lead. Despite battling hard he could not keep that chip lead for long and would eventually go home in 5th place for a payout of $2,106,893. He eventually became the short stack and pushed with the Ah-7s which was instantly called by Jay Farber who was holding the Ks-Qh. He was ahead but the board was not kind to him as it fell as the Kd-Jh-9h-5d-6h.

6th) Marc-Etienne McLaughlin – $1,601,024

In the biggest pot of the day it was Marc-Etienne McLaughlin that came out second best when his Ks-Kc could not crack the As-Ah of Jay Farber. After some massive pre-flop raises all of the chips went into a pot of 79 million. The kings could not crack the aces and McLaughlin was sent home for a payout of $1,601,024 for his 6th place finish.

7th) Michiel Brummelhuis – $1,255,356

Michiel Brummelhius began the day in the very position he finished it after he tried in vain to push himself into contention. He chose the wrong spot however as he pushed all-in after a raise and then re-raise by Ryan Riess with pocket nines only to see his opponent with pocket aces. He didn’t get lucky as was sent to the rail with a payout of $1,255,356.

8th) David Benefield – $944,650

Despite coming into the day as one of the short stacks, David Benefield was still being marked down as one of the favourites for this event due to his fabulous form of late and the fact that he is one of the most experienced players at the table. However he didn’t last more than 38 hands before trying to steal the pot with an 8.5 million all-in shove holding the Ks-2s. It made Jay Farber think for a little while but he eventually called with his Ac-Kd which overcame the board of 5d-10s-Qc-Js-2d to see Benefield go home with $944,650.

9th) Mark Newhouse – $733,224

Just two hands prior to the elimination of Benefield it was Mark Newhouse that had become the first to be knocked off the final table. He shoved all-in with pocket nines and was called by Ryan Riess who was holding As-Kh. The dreams of Newhouse were quickly shattered when the board fell as the 7s-Kd-10c-7c-6d. At least he took home $733,224 for his valiant efforts in the Main Event.